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The financial BUDGET can be used at several different levels of detail and sophistication. Unlike most other budgets, flexible entry of GST/VAT allows its inclusion or exclusion in the budget preparation or, the inclusion of GST/VAT in the expense amounts and its exclusion in the amounts entered in income. The budget cash flow is endless although viewed through a twelve month window. Figures entered beyond or outside the twelve month budget window will appear in the budgets of the appropriate year and the twelve month viewing window can be changed at any time. These features allow far more realism and accuracy in the preparation of a budget cash flow.

  • Simply roll over a budget or actual figures from a previous year and make minor adjustments.
  • Starting from a zero base, use a simple spreadsheet approach for Income and Expenditure aided by a tool for spreading repetitive figures across a year.
  • Using the above spreadsheet with behind the scenes work sheets and a more detailed drilldown to secondary level headings whilst providing a permanent record of how the figures that show up in the spreadsheet are derived.
  • Using gross margins in conjunction with the farm map for farms with varied and complex farming systems and an ability to optimise rotations and combinations of stock. 
  •  Combining all the above levels into a whole farm approach.

The budget is a dynamic document and can be monitored and revised frequently to accommodate the many and changing farming situations. If managed well a dynamic budget provides an awareness and early warning of one’s financial situation. It also allows a planned approach to remedial action be it income levelling or expenditure adjustments and in so doing avoids surprises and engenders a peace of mind.

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