ICC PRO (IRRInet Control Center) Software


The ICC Pro is a new and innovative software with brand new design and architecture, created with advanced up-to-date development tools. It serves as a remote water and irrigation management tool and is an integral part of the renowned Motorola IRRInet system.

ICC software provides:

  • Reliable, centralized remote monitoring and control of all components in the irrigation/water distribution system
  • Constant and real-time performance analysis and status reporting for all field components
  • Instant detection of equipment failures and real-time reporting to operators (via mobile phones/Internet) and to control centers

ICC Software Main Features:

  • Comprehensive Irrigation/water distribution Programming screens, including simultaneous displays of water quantities, irrigation time , and a combination of time and flow
  • Supports Client–Server architecture
  • Intuitive and easily customized Graphic User Interface (GUI).
  • Maps, drawings and photos may be imported into the ICC and customized. Each field unit's main lines and valves are displayed schematically, and users may zoom in and out
  • Reports - management module generates periodic operational reports and trend analysis
  • Sensors' input is automatically logged in the system and displayed in graphs. Logical set points may be defined to start, pause, resume, or stop according to conditions and programs
  • Monitoring of inlets and outlets on the distribution's mains, indicating any substantial difference in flow (i.e. if the inlets' flow rate is higher than the downstream outlets, which would indicate a break or a leak in the pipeline).
  • Powerful  rule-based system (if-then rules)
  • Event messages may be customized by the user. Custom events as defined by the user are automatically logged and reported by the system, alerting users to any system failure and other 'critical' and 'need to know' events
  • Supports SMS dispatch to mobile devices
  • Supports remote manual commands by SMS
  • Offline programming enables field units to provide backup of field data
  • Five password levels with unique log-on names for every user, allowing personalized activity tracking

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