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The IceManager software is designed for local use on PC or laptop. It enables IceTag and IceQube sensors to be activated, downloaded and deactivated. The information produced consists of standing, stepping, lying, number of lying bouts and the MotionIndex of the animal. The MotionIndex is a proprietary measure of the overall activity of the animal, as measured in three dimensions. An optional lying bout analysis export file is generated which provides the start and end time of each lying bout, as well as its duration.

Data downloaded can be viewed in the software in graphical and percentage formats, and reports can be created for exporting to statistical analysis packages.

With the IceTag, data can be viewed and manipulated down to the per second level of detail. Multiple IceTags can also be queued and left for download. IceManager instead provides grazing behaviour analysis where the IceTag has been attached to the neck of the animal.

With the IceQube, data is summarised into 15 minute intervals. The lying bout analysis provides exact timings as for the IceTag. Data download from the IceQube is fast; so no queuing function for devices is required.

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