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ICM's Inseo Suite™ solves this problem. Inseo Suite™ is a series of software modules in development that will be released over time. The first release is the KPI module. Inseo Suite's KPI Module collects raw operations data into a single database. Thus, eliminating the need for unnecessary paper records, spreadsheets, and manual data entry. Data validation and calculations transform raw information into simple diagrams that represent performance ratios and yields. Highly visual displays, trends, and reports provide unprecedented insight into plant operations.

In a single page, the KPI Module graphically displays all key operations indicators for your ethanol plant. This representation shows current indicator value vs. your plant's normal operating range and its current trend direction. Position indicators outside the normal range highlight the variance by turning red and blinking. Clicking on the indicator triggers a drill down feature which provides greater detail displayed in the most relevant format.

In the KPI Module 1.0 Release, there is a dashboard for plant operations personnel. The dashboard is a single-page view of all KPIs in the format most meaningful to the user. Operations will see key variables in real-time values and in yield or ratio information. Two additional dashboards are in development; Release 1.1 will add a management dashboard which will include financial and emission compliance information. Release 1.2 will add a maintenance dashboard that will provide equipment status, work order status, and outage information.

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