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iCropTrak Control Center


Desktop optimized for workforce managing of large mobile teams. Runs on one or more Windows PC screens.

  • Assign, Edit and Track Work
  • Display Real-Time Mobile Location
  • Review and Approve Submitted Work
  • Map and Calendar Based Viewing

Fast, Easy, and Efficient

Optimized mobile field data entry with the industry's fastest and easiest data capture technology (less time and less taps).

Field Track Everything

Customizable Forms to capture everything from planting to harvest, including GAP/Primus, sustainability, and organic.

Centralized Team Management

Your data is on the iPads but we made it easy to work with others - anywhere on the globe.

Make the Tool Your Own

Every aspect of the tool from icons, to language, to reporting is customizable to adapt to your crops and your way of farming

Understand Your Data

Quickly turn your data into knowledge and decisions. Perform math, plot, and compare data on the app.

Share Results

Architecture designed to easily export data and integrate with 3rd party systems for reporting, sharing, and synchronization.

Digitize Fields
Collect new field boundaries using built-in tools. Draw lines, points and polygons using your finger, or automatically capture a field boundary as you walk or drive a field.

Import Drone and UAV Imagery
iCropTrak can work with drone, UAV and other imagery providers so you can have images loaded straight into iCropTrak to use with your fields and zones.

Create Zones
You work in fields and zones - iCropTrak does too. Build zones based on information from soil analysis or make them as you need them to ensure data in your fields operates the way you need it.

Import Fields
Import existing field boundaries or other GIS data using DropBox, iTunes even email attachments as zip files can be imported directly into iCropTrak

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