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Impactrack – The shock and temperature logger that monitors damage to fresh produce caused by transport and handling. Following the success of the Martin Lishman TuberLog electronic potato, ImpacTrack puts the same technology in a lightweight, compact form, perfect for monitoring delicate produce such as blueberries and avocados.

ImpacTrack measures temperature and shock in the production line, and transmits this in real-time using Bluetooth to the ML Sensing iOS/Android App, to help easily locate damage sources and improve quality control. Operators can also use the App to set the logger recording internally during transport shipments.

To ensure the logger behaves like the product being monitored, the logger is placed in a carrier shell that mimics the produce being measured. 3D printing has enabled Martin Lishman to create virtually any shape and size, as per the customer’s request; so far, they have ranged from a large blueberry to a maize cob.

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