National Milk Records (NMR)

Version impel PRO - Herd Management Software


Already used by 1,700 dairy farmersimpelPRO is the industry's most popular herd management software. The Command module (the basic package) acts as an engine for all other modules and also houses the central database, allowing the user to view and report on animal details for single or multiple herds. The whole package comprises the following modules: Prediction, Health, Movements, Breeding, Farm Assurance and now includes a Feed Module and Pedigree Registration link to HUK. For more information on what is contained within each module, impelPRO can also be used to enter your milk yields and provides NMR with your up-to-date information when used with the SABRE link. For more information, please see the headings below.

A complete management system which enables you to enter all your own events and yields electronically onto NMR's computer system.

Comprehensive reports include:

  • action lists
  • herd performance
  • milk production
  • authentic ICAR approved lactation certificates
  • somatic cell counts at herd and cow level
  • keeps a log of your herd's movement records on farm
  • herd fertility
  • exceptions report to delve into your data and seek out poor performers


You can send HUK registrations fromImpelPro direct to HUK website.


Sending movements and passports to BCMS via CTS website is now available.
Your animal's movements/passports can be uploaded direct to the BCMS website


The event information entered intoimpelPRO through the month is transferred directly to NMR.

When your Milk Recorder arrives on farm you can produce a disk for him/her detailing all your NMR events, so no copying of information is required.

For your own record of these events you can print the Event list from theimpelPRO records.


WithimpelPRO you get all the information you need over the Internet to produce all your reports on your own PC, so save some paper and save some money too. Simply switch off all your paper reports and cut the cost of recording by £3 per month.

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