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With OpenTAS NET (Net Production) you always have an overview of the net production in your refinery. The system analyzes the tank stocks as well as input and output. The product flow is calculated from these measurements; reports show you the exact daily, weekly and monthly balance. This pragmatic approach delivers comprehensive, easily accessible and fast results.

The OpenTAS system and with it the OpenTAS Net Production module work together with your SAP solution in a highly integrated way.

High Integration
The data exchange takes place by means of certified interfaces which optimally support and thereby highly enhance both the ERP and the dispatch system's functions.
The result of the high integration of OpenTAS and SAP is a combined solution which consistently takes advantage of both systems strengths. If, for example, SAP is the first choice for financial planning and administration, OpenTAS will profit from these resources.
OpenTAS' main strengths lie in its uncompromising commitment to the requirements of the oil, gas and chemicals industry. The advantages of this specialization are of course reflected in the special features and in the flexibility and performance.

Calculations in Record Time
The calculation of production is a complex task and can take many hours with SAP. In order to protect the users from performance problems as much as possible, this work normally takes place at night.
OpenTAS Net Production can however carry out the task in record time: the software analyzes the bookings and automatically calculates the differences in less than one minute. OpenTAS then immediately makes the results available to the SAP solution which can process them further.
The speed of OpenTAS Net Production also means that the data for quantity accounting and finance is available in the shortest possible time. Whereas the conventional account balancing procedure often takes between four and six days, OpenTAS delivers the necessary information in a matter of hours.

Advantages of an integrated OpenTAS and SAP solution

  • Many calculations are carried out much faster; the results are available immediately.
  • The SAP system is freed from labour intensive tasks.
  • OpenTAS provides more flexible and user-friendly management for numerous industry specific tasks.

Under no circumstances does OpenTAS Net Production replace a refinery mass balance software – and vice versa! Both systems are geared towards different tasks and complement each other.

Bridge the Gap
The refinery mass balance software provides meter readings at specific times and thereby information which is very important for the technical employees in the production.
A refinery mass balance software does however have critical weak points: The system is not integrated into the Supply Chain Management and is not transaction secure.
With OpenTAS, refineries are finally able to bridge the gap between refinery mass balance software and the SAP system. The system is finely tuned to the commercial business person's needs. It provides the complete finance and management areas with valuable, up-to-date and quickly available information on the commercial transactions.

Highlight Transaction Security
In contrast to a straight meter reading report, the OpenTAS Net Production functionality provides you with information about which amounts are currently being loaded, to which order they belong and what has happened in the past. All because OpenTAS is transaction secure. Incoming positions, outgoing positions, cancellations etc. are all recorded, analyzed and consistently displayed.

Example: Cancellations
Data which has already been entered into the system frequently has to be subsequently changed on account of production differences or because documents only arrived after several days delay.
The refinery mass balance software is normally unable to deal with these circumstances, but with OpenTAS Net Production such occurrences are no problem whatsoever. The transaction secure software processes retroactive changes in the correct way for the accounts and then transfers the correct data into SAP.
Both the supply and sales team and the accounts department benefit from this transparency.

  • Distinct increase in the information quality for the supply and sales team
  • Transaction security; cancellations and new postings processed according to accounting department rules
  • OpenTAS' high level of integration with SAP and a refinery mass balance software
  • Calculation of data for quantity and finance accounting in record time
  • Bridging the gap between the commercial and technical worlds
  • Standard tool which is continuously developed
  • Quickly accessible results
  • User-friendly
  • SAP systems relieved
  • Very current results
  • Cumulative display, flexible, self-correcting
  • Certified interface
  • Extensive possibilities for automation

With OpenTAS Net Production you receive a flexible and efficient instrument to optimally control refinery production, complete with certified SAP interfaces.

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