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Whether you are a single store or a multi-branch network, our In-Store Point-of-Sale module offers complete control over your entire retail business. What differentiates our retail solution, COREpos®, from other solutions, is its depth of functionality and its seamless links to all other areas of the business – for example, procurement, inventory and finance. Designed with the end-user in mind, it provides an extremely efficient, intuitive flow through the sales entry process. Using this software, you can increase organisational efficiency in every department, and help grow your business by proactively improving margins.

COREpos® provides a fully-rounded retail solution, covering all standard functionality such as sales, refunds, credit notes, COD sales, payments, credit control and cash reconciliation. By identifying customers under different categories, it also facilitates effective targeted promotions and marketing campaigns.

Our instalments module allows you to enter orders for cash sale customers and accept deposits from these customers over a period of time. Goods can be despatched when the customer has paid sufficient funds to draw-down all or part of the instalment order. Fully audited and adjustable, instalments can also be created directly from a Quotation, just one example of the joined-up thinking which is a feature of the system.

Our quotation management system simplifies and streamlines your quotation processes so that you can set up and dispatch quotes quickly and efficiently by print, email or fax. Regardless of complexity, multiple pricing methods ensure accuracy and consistency on overall margins, mark-ups and discounts.

Fully audited, with advanced search capabilities, the integrated Quotation Monitor allows you to search and view new, agreed, part-dispatched, completed or cancelled quotations which may be used as a template for new quotations.

Providing robust security for all transactions, Chip & PIN functionality is central to our In-Store POS solution. This ensures you can accept and trace all payments with complete confidence.

Digital signature functionality ensures accountability for all sales. Ideal for trade and account customers, the purchaser simply signs an electronic signature pad at the point of sale. The customer’s signature is captured as an image and attached to the transaction throughout the billing process.

Our COREcard™ technology has been designed in response to the needs of our Hardware and DIY clients. Customised loyalty card schemes allow you to profile your retail customer base, while building strong relationships through promotions and rewards schemes.

COREcard functionality is also provided for gift cards, which is an efficient way to promote your brand and generate revenue from your customers.

By synchronising with your inventory and pricing controls, the Central Administration module ensures the correct margins are achieved on every sale. It also allows you to regulate the level of discounts that can be given at point of sale by assigning specific PIN controlled permissions to staff members.

In addition, you can choose to automatically increase retail prices, to respond to fluctuations in purchasing costs, which ensures your sales margin remains fixed. Alternatively, in the case of a product that requires a set retail price, the software allows you to set fixed pricing with reported alerts on margin variations.

Offering high levels of flexibility, this powerful margin management tool enables you to be responsive to market trends in real time. By tracking who sells what and when, you can clearly identify margins, trends and opportunities and plan accordingly.

The COREpos® credit control function is extremely flexible and can be controlled on a central and/or local basis. User-defined credit ratings can be applied against different customers or customer categories. There are multiple check points in the credit control process and the action taken at each check point can be defined based on the customer’s credit rating.

The cash management system is extremely flexible, allowing for multi-currency and multi-till reconciliation. This feature can scale from single till stores to multi-till stores, allowing for reconciliation by user, till or store as required.

Tills can be configured to share cash drawers for cash reconciliation purposes if required. Centralised control enables financial staff to dictate the practices that will be enforced at the time of reconciliation. Cash reconciliation updates are fully audited, and are available for central review. Detailed reports isolate reasons for cash overs and shortages, which helps reduce exceptions and the potential for fraud.

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