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Indoor Plants Designed Software


Maximizing space during your year round production, inventory and holiday sales is key to making your indoor flowering operation successful.  Plant Partner provides all the tools you need to schedule production, track ready inventory and manage complex holiday orders.


  • Weekly forecasting tools plan schedules by plant date or ready date.
  • Plant Partner handles seasonal grow time changes for your year round production processes.
  • Integrated space planning makes sure you use every possible square foot of space efficiently.
  • Integrated purchasing generates your weekly cutting purchase orders and ensures production stays on schedule.
  • Flexible weekly production reports track planting by plant date or ready date to track progress.


  • Weekly inventory views can break out inventory by bloom stage and location.
  • Use our mobile inventory manager for quick readiness tracking in the greenhouse.
  • Track perpetual inventory availability of all your hard goods value add items like containers, wraps and other decorative items.
  • Advanced kitting capabilities let you easily track a pure plant inventory while combining it as a component into multiple configurations for different customers. Each configuration can have a different UPC value.


  • Powerful assortments let you sell mixed cases based on available, ready inventory or pre-set customer mixes.
  • Powerful kit sales lets you pre-set kit configuration or create on the fly during order entry. Pre-assign kit configurations by customer.
  • Plant Partner prints all necessary box and UPC labels. Labels can be customized by customer to meet their requirements.
  • Flexible pricing lets you decide how value add changes effect pricing.
  • Box labels make it easy to stage product by label and ensure configuration meets customer specifications.

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