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CAQ-Compact.Net is the definitive tool for efficient, flexible, and state-of-the-art inspection planning, inspection data gathering, evaluation, and analysis. It is your one-stop-solution for process-accompanying inspections, incoming or outgoing goods inspections, and sophisticated process control.

  • Central tool for incoming and outgoing goods inspections as well as intermediate inspections, manufacturing and production-accompanying SPC and assembly inspections or supplier evaluations
  • Comprehensive traceability
  • Unlimited customizable and scalable lot management
  • Mold cavity administration and retraceability
  • Pre-designed and standard compliant inspection plans for incoming goods, SPC, outgoing goods, and skip lot
  • Capability index calculations: Cm/Cmk, Pp/Ppk, Cp/Cpk, control limit calculations
  • Online monitoring of all inspection orders with customizable QM dashboards
  • Customizable inspection strategy for customer and supplier-specific inspection plans
  • Integrated CAD viewer with automated seal/stamp for drawing characteristics
  • Embedding of graphics, digital and scanned photos, texts, tables, videos, AutoSketch, AutoCad, and elements from many other Windows applications. Made possible via full Windows OLE-support
  • Integrated generation of certificates with full support of supplier certificates
  • Connections to all available measuring systems, analysis and laboratory gauges


Thanks to its modular design, CAQ-Compact.Net® is able to tackle every challenge of modern-day quality and process management. It is powerful software that fulfills all your quality-related requirements: one solution to all your problems. You don’t need individual modules from different software companies with different user interfaces or concepts of operation, no manual compilation of incoming goods inspections or supplier evaluations. Instead, CAQ-Compact.Net® provides you with incoming and outbound goods inspections as well as process inspections in just one solution – all with one common interface and one concept of operation. This means you can combine all your product inspections in one inspection plan category and compile their individual inspection orders in e.g. one stock list.

Regardless of whether you run a manufacturing company that requires detailed process monitoring functions, manage a service provider that needs inspections of service quality or assessments of customer satisfaction, supply parts for the automobile or foodstuffs industry, construct medical technology products, farm machinery or semiconductors – there is no limit to the possible fields of application for CAQ-Compact.Net®. Users from within a vast variety of industries all lay their trust in CAQ-Compact.Net® and greatly appreciate its performance, security, and flexibility in their everyday work.


Plan all your jobs in one singular platform of organization. Only at detailed characteristics level does CAQ-Compact.Net® require that you specify the actual inspection, choose an inspection plan type, and freely define the inspection plan structure. It provides standard-compliant incoming goods inspection plans that facilitate adherence to ISO 2859 and ISO 3951 in all their modes (normal, increased, reduced, etc.), flexible skip-lot-methods, or freely definable and process-accompanying inspections. All of this is available for everything from individual requirements inspections, freely definable interval inspections with any number of qualitative or quantitative characteristics, to mathematically complex and precisely formulated SPC or SPC nest inspections.

Of course these inspections include detailed and scalable test methods, which fully automatically check your processes for outliers, trends, runs, or any other type of effect and alert you or a predefined group of persons if process or tolerance thresholds are violated or any other type of process anomaly occurs.

The integrated control plan manager consistently documents process steps, actions that are taken in case of process violation, gauges that are applied, and employees and persons responsible who take necessary actions. All of this is done in one user interface – one solution that is centrally controlled, and clearly structured.


Use CAQ-Compact.Net® to freely design sampling plans, define new and unlimited characteristic specifications with the integrated mathematical and statistical formulae, or apply the variety of predefined characteristic types available – from simple ok/not ok decisions to sophisticated and structured classifying list characteristics. Integrate graphics, videos, drawings, etc. into your inspection plans, or refer to further applicable internal/external documents, audits, job and procedural orders, etc. in order to provide the individual processor or inspector with the information he requires at any point in time.

CAQ-Compact.Net® allows you to profit from the advantages of the CAQ.Net® shared data-platform and the standardized interfaces to ERP/MES and other IT-systems. Directly access complaint data at inspection plan level, use the experience gathered in your FMEA or risk analysis projects, adopt production data and apply it to your inspection plans, or formulate PPAP/PPF compliant initial sample reports in EMP/PPAP.Net®. Using CAQ-Compact.Net® means you can interlink all your quality-related data at the push of a button.

The sophisticated assistants and predefined functions in CAQ-Compact.Net® are designed to provide as much relief as you require in order to tackle your everyday quality-related situations. The program is, however, at the same time precisely scalable down to the most minute machine level – just as the individual situation requires it. CAQ-Compact.Net® also contains highly refined assistants for the automatic allocation of suppliers, customers, machines, or cost centers as well as sophisticated batch, nest, and horde management functions that allow you to, for instance, lay the groundwork for 100% traceability – all the way along your production and processing steps to the smallest, individual measurement value.


CAQ-Compact.Net® provides invaluable support during the implementation of key requirements of ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 13485, ISO 9100 as well as a vast number of other standards. It is a system that provides data at the push of a button, aggregates it, and assembles it in standard-compliant forms and reports – all without the need for manual adjustments. The data is there when you need it, the information is known, the persons responsible are nominated, and the jobs are allocated – sheer perfection in all matters relevant to quality assurance.

The fully flexible data entry methods in CAQ-Compact.Net® mean that you can transfer data from all process steps via a variety of predefined interfaces directly into your application. Regardless of whether you wish to use your company network or offline-inspection stations to gather data, retrieve it directly at your customer or supplier, manually enter status notifications, or connect your gauges in accordance with fully automated interface or measurement protocols – CAQ-Compact.Net® can do it all. The automated data gathering processes mean that the likelihood of information loss due to manual data entry errors is fully eliminated. Data pens, touchscreens, or peripheral data acquisition via smartphone or tablet PC: the integration of the CAQ Enhanced Mobility Concept in CAQ-Compact.Net® and a variety of web-applications allows you to tear down the physical boundaries of conventional quality, production, and environmental management.

Apart from the basic information that relates directly to the measurement task at hand, such as the gauge that is applied, the characteristic that is defined, and the value pattern that is determined, the inspector can refer to the entire information contained in the quality related knowledge database. This is done highly effectively and efficiently in CAQ-Compact.Net®: from inspection planning to complaint management, drawings, photos, graphics, instructions, texts, videos, etc. – no paper required, no loss of time, data is compiled directly during the inspection, and everything is conducted within exactly the same application. You can even determine precisely and inspector-specifically how CAQ-Compact.Net® should behave during individual data entry processes. CAQ-Compact.Net® fulfills all requirements of modern-day inspection management – from the highly secure and clearly structured inspection terminal for onsite measurements to management-level dashboards that visualize and convey vital quality-related data – maximize your quality management processes and efficiency with just one program

CAQ-Compact.Net® fulfills a vast variety of requirements with regards to data security, degree of automation, flexibility, operator qualification, error handling, and backup facilitation. These include the following:

  • Supports manual data entry via keyboard, smartphone, tablet PC, or data entry terminal – including plausibility of entry tests.
  • Supports electronic cable-bound or wireless handheld gauges and acoustic or optical feedback. All interfaces are designed in close cooperation with renowned manufacturers. No programming required, instantly ready to run.
  • Supports protocol-ready measuring machines. Rapid and flexible protocol composition and economical inspection strategies.
  • Supports home-grown gauges and seamlessly integrates into production lines, process control and cross-shift measurements thanks to APE.Net® – the definitive tool for automatic inspection data acquisition.
  • Supports peripheral or local inspection data acquisition without direct database linkage. Includes intelligent inspection order import/export – for smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and data-loggers.
  • Supports wireless, barcode, and transponder technologies.

Analysis, Evaluation, Statistics

CAQ-Compact.Net® includes sophisticated, flexible, and highly powerful tools for analysis and statistical evaluation. These provide everything you need to monitor, control, and improve your processes. Let CAQ-Compact.Net® monitor your processes and alert you in case of process violations or extraordinary developments in your process workflow. Use the cross-references applied to acquired information and examine your data with regard to parallels and interdependencies and highlight weaknesses or determine solutions for sustainable quality and system improvements.

Turn Data into Information

CAQ-Compact.Net® provides you with flexible evaluation tools that allow you to examine all your CAQ data and combine, analyze, and evaluate it in a cross-modular fashion. Consolidate specific content of your database either graphically or in shape of list evaluations and define filters that govern which data should be returned in what cases.

Create your own evaluation library and use it as a companywide quality control panel or make it accessible to a select group of users. Integrate logic functions into table-fields or combine database entries in order to uncover hidden information. Export lists, data, or graphic evaluations to MS Office applications or other software programs or document measurement and process data via the integrated graphic and analysis tools whose mode of function is the same as it is in your familiar MS Office programs.

Whether you require simple Pareto analyses or sophisticated statistical tests, CAQ-Compact.Net® provides you with everything you need for conducting comprehensive process management. CAQ-Compact.Net® thus enables you to advance from mere measurement data management to intelligent process management and facilitate sustainable process improvements in your company.

Wherever and in whatever shape you require your data, CAQ-Compact.Net® will supply it: as raw data, fully formatted document, or graphically enhanced diagram. Send your quality related information as PDF documents or in a freely defined format in order to meet the precise requirements of your customers.

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