Integrated ERP and WMS System


SDF has developed an integrated ERP and WMS system specially designed for the horticultural industry. State-of-the-art SDF Vision Systems can be conneted, specifically developed to grade and sort all kinds of crops.

With over 30 years of experience in and focus on horticulture, SDF knows what's going on. In general, SDF solutions can be categorized as follows:

Management Info Systems

Sales and order processing are key factors for the success of any business. Many hundreds of large and smaller nurseries use our order software, which has been specially developed for the horticultural industry. Planning using the SDF software makes it possible to plan your resources better and organize your operation in a pro-active way. It will also gives you a precise insight about your future product availability. The SDF packages put you in total control on crop production and all your costs, including labor, space, water, nutrients and energy.

Warehouse Management

Many nurseries in Europe are using SDF Warehouse Management System. This system provides a complete overview of the greenhouse indicating the actual position of your crops. It also allows you to control the movements of your machines and crops just by a click of the mouse. The combination of planning and control provided by SDF software enables you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your own business and processes. In addition, modern logistical systems, such as container and delivery systems can be managed and controlled using the SDF systems.

Vision Systems

SDF Vision Systems is the worldwide supplier of the state of the art grading cameras to process living organisms, such as plants and flowers. SDF has developed a software package with integrates with the grading camera thus enabling automated collection of cropdata. The vision system from SDF can be installed as integrated or stand-alone system. Hundreds of systems are up and running in many different settings around the world.

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