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Version InterHerd - Management, Analysis and Reporting Software


InterHerd combines the features necessary to manage a progressive dairy herd with an adaptable event structure, a flexible reporting system and advanced analysis techniques to make InterHerd a simple-to-use tool for farmers and vets that really packs a punch!

Developed by PAN Livestock Services (at the University of Reading) in conjunction with National Milk Records, InterHerd is used throughout Europe and South America due to its flexible herd management, analysis and reporting ability.

The herd management side of the software is based around an intuitive cow record system that presents a lifetime of animal information on one easy to read record.  Milk quality, fertility and 'costs' are shown per lactation making the identification of good (and bad) animals effortless.

Data entry is quick and effective through either the individual animal record, event entry pad or batch events.

Drug stocks are recorded with purchase dates, quantity, batch numbers, VM numbers and withdrawal dates making it fully compatible with farm assurance and current supermarket requirements.

InterHerd links with milk recording organisations, directly adding value to the milk recording service by using the milk recording data to identify any current issues or developing problems at both individual animal and herd level.

Action lists are available to show what events are due this

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