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IRON HQ is the most flexible marketing and sales automation engine available for equipment dealers Our cloud-based customer relationship and enterprise planning platform, powered by NetSuite®, offers an enterprise-wide view of customer activity, equipment, future prospects, and your sales pipeline. It gives your teams the key customer and equipment data they need to improve the sales process, identify trends and ensure appropriately stocked and visible inventory.

With IRON HQ-CRM, you can price and quote equipment using the integrated IRON Builder pricing tool. This allows you to control your margins on quoted equipment before the transaction, removing errors that can chip away at your profitability.From any web browser or mobile device, IRON HQ-CRM lets you:

  • Manage customer data to increase satisfaction, retention, and lead generation.
  • Track and manage your marketing activities to recognize trends and understand customer behavior.
  • View real-time analytics through customized dashboards, where you can assess deal margins, forecast sales opportunities, and manage sales goals and plans.
  • Streamline your workflow, with increased visibility at every point.
  • Integrate many existing business systems.

Precision Ag and Farm Data Module

The Precision Ag Module supports the GAAP-compliant accounting functions required for accurate revenue recognition and reporting. Not only does it have its own general ledger to track service contracts, invoice for, and report on service activity, but these entries can be passed to your existing DMS.With the optional Farm Data Module you can package world-class agricultural services with your most advanced precision ag equipment. Changing your product mix lets you improve the productivity of your producer customers and benefit from higher margins and increased market share.To deliver this precision ag expertise, Iron Solutions has teamed up with the top companies in North America. You can offer their services and data in a powerful solution and include your own investment in precision ag expertise as well, turning your dealership into a channel for the most advanced thinking in the industry.With the IRON HQ Precision Ag Module, you can:

  • Assist clients in optimizing production through scientific resource allocation.
  • Guide farmers through the maze of carbon offset guidelines, directing them to markets for these valuable credits
  • Create crop marketing and risk management strategies that help improve farm profitability
  • Build precision site-specific solutions for your customer’s fields and advanced variable rate equipment
  • Create Ag-data management strategies for the collection and storage of telematics, soil, and network data

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