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Other industry guides may show marketing prices, but IRON Guides provide values for all options. IRON Guides look at the prices of actual sales transactions in light of base specifications, options, and adjustments for condition and hours of use. You get far more than just an average of retail price listings, with valuations that account for the wide variability of factors involved in equipment sales.

What you get with IRON Guides is all the information you need to ensure your appraisal is accurate. With listings for seven U.S. and Canadian regions, you can easily track trends in your market, avoiding over-investment in inventory and reducing write-downs. IRON Guides also let you create trend-based incentives to market your dealership and equipment. With IRON Guides, you have at your fingertips the most accurate and current sales data available, showing current selling prices, values, and factory F.O.B. pricing. Our sales data, validated and endorsed by skilled analysts, is cross-referenced between dealer and factory sales prices. And with digital IRON Guides, updates are in real time for the ultimate in accuracy.

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