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Version F/X - Irrigation Design Software


Irrigation design is a uniquely challenging field that requires highly advanced software. Simplify your process for even the most complex designs using Irrigation F/X - a comprehensive Irrigation Design Software plugin for AutoCAD.

Instantly calculate and summarize any irrigation-related data you can think of.

  • Irrigation Schedule: Count up and price out all components included in your design, broken down by equipment type.
  • Valve Schedule: List stats on each valve (station) in your project, including wire lengths, pressure, flow, and precip rate.
  • Watering Schedule: Create a timetable for irrigating your site, broken down into watering times for each day of the week.
  • Runtime Schedule: Mimic a smart controller and disperse water evenly on your site with daily “watering windows.”
  • Critical Analysis: Calculate flow and pressure stats of your system. Check for errors, and communicate your design parameters.

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