Irrigation Management Solution (IMS) Software

To be efficient, irrigation systems of any scale require automation and comprehensive management functionality. Most irrigation programs are designed to address peak ET levels, as rigid pre-set parameters are generally not accurate on a daily basis. The inherent daily changes of numerous irrigation programs require strict supervision and control in order not to result in wasting high-cost resources.

he IMS software is a unique management tool, designed to be used in tandem with the Motorola ICC (IRRInet Control Center) software and best utilize and organize the ICC database.

While the ICC is the irrigation-control interface of the IRRInet system, the IMS functions as the system's management component.

The IMS component provides unmatched management capabilities specifically developed to suit the demanding irrigation-control applications, and address the exact requirements of municipal irrigation officers, environmental engineers, park managers and growers.

The IMS allows dynamic, accurate and automatic daily changes of water and fertilizer quantities for irrigation, based on professional parameters and sophisticated algorithm.

The IMS Rule-base Engine

The IMS rule-base engine is capable of automatically allocating water budgets to single valves according to:

  • Daily ET rates
  • Statistical agronomic factors per crop/flora type
  • Area size
  • Time intervals between irrigation cycles with hydraulic efficiency factor per valve
  • Operational factor per crop/flora type

 The IMS software is:

  • Professional - Total management for irrigation systems of any scale and type
  • Accurate - Detailed and customized reports
  • Flexible – Accommodating a range of design capabilities for real and virtual irrigation zones
  • Efficient - Real-time scheduling for multiple irrigation tasks
  • Reliable - Alerts and messages through SMS, email and fax
  • Cost Effective - Significant savings on water and energy with rapid ROI through effective water budgets and resource management

 By using the comprehensive ICC software in conjunction with the IMS management tool, IRRInet users are able to:

  • Plan complex water budgets according to complex agricultural factors
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Save time
  • Cut down on costly fertilizers expenses
  • Avoid needless energy costs

System Operation

  • Efficient operations data display: search for any text and sort elements by name or description
  • System segmentation by service companies, contractors, neighborhoods etc.
  • Events are displayed per element (valve, main line, irrigation program) and per status (alarm, stop, etc.)
  • Dynamic visualization
  • Operational information on each element
  • Fertilizers tanks supervision
  • Future operations may be linked to and governed by MS Outlook™ Calendar
  • Any language may be displayed and used
  • Versatile Daily/Weekly/Monthly Irrigation Planning
  • Water depth (quantity) per valve
  • Water agronomical coefficient per crop type
  • Fertilizers quantity by N-P-K or by fertilizer type quantity or fertilizer type volume

Irrigation Control

  • Smart Irrigation, based on actual ET and individual valves' crop and soil types
  • Daily depth according to planning
  • Define weather stations (local and web-based) for automatic display of actual daily ET and rain data
  • Assign a weather station to a main line or to IRRInet field unit
  • ET for each crop type factor
  • ET according to base quantity and base evaporation

Scheduled Tasks

  • Scheduled operations (e.g. open/close valves)
  • Predefined irrigation programs
  • Change factors at specific date and time


  • Custom-formatted reports for easy sorting and viewing
  • Generating reports according to saved definitions
  • Schedule automatic reports
  • Automatic data relay to emails, faxes and printers
  • Attach a report as PDF, Excel or XML formats
  • Compare irrigation planning to actual status
  • Enhanced events report
  • Sensors report (e.g. compare different sensors)
  • Compare fertilization planning to actual status (per N-P-K and fertilizers types)
  • Enhanced accumulation reports for water and fertilizer
  • Show irrigation programs by irrigation days, activity hours etc.

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