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Irrigation Manager and Mobile Manager


Irrigation Manager is the software powering the PureSense solution. It provides growers with real-time access to their field data. Mobile Manager is the Web-browser enabled version of Irrigation Manger accessible from PDAs and Smartphones. This year, PureSense launched the newest version of its software --Irrigation Manager Version 4.2. It greatly expands the software capability of PureSense, adding both irrigation scheduling and irrigation planning modules among other improvements.

  • Secure online access through a password-protected login makes the PureSense application available to growers from anywhere at anytime.
  • Growers can assign an unlimited number of personalized user accounts so that authorized users, such as employees or consultants, can also access Irrigation Manager information.
  • Personalized dashboards offer an on-screen snapshot of moisture levels, climate conditions and irrigation requirements making critical information easy to access and understand.
  • Reports and charts summarize soil moisture, climate and irrigation system information to help guide grower decisions and provide a record over multiple seasons. A wide variety of simplified reports and charts can be viewed online, or received via email or on a cell phone.
  • Irrigation planning helps growers budget the amount of water required for each plant growth stage based on local evapotranspiration data and related crop coefficients.
  • Irrigation scheduling helps growers determine required irrigation sets throughout the growing season based on irrigation plans and actual plant-water requirements.
  • Custom alerts for frost and moisture levels are automatically sent to growers via email or cell phone. These notifications give growers the opportunity to immediately respond to critical conditions in their fields.
  • Heat hours, chill hours and degree-days are tracked in charts and reports so growers can monitor disease risk factors, manage plant health and schedule cultural practices, such as pest control. This includes display of a powdery mildew disease risk index.

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