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The user-friendly iSii compact controls irrigation in greenhouses and open field and manages greenhouse climate. The irrigation control in iSii compact saves you water and fertilizers by tuning the water dosage to the plant’s needs. The climate control increases yields and reduces pest & diseases by optimizing the growing conditions. The modular structure allows you to compile your own system: whether you want to control irrigation, climate or both.

Optimal irrigation strategy
The iSii compact ensures that your crop is given an optimal dosage of water and fertilizers. Based on the plant’s requirement, you select the proper starting moment and the amount of irrigation. Thanks to its modular structure, the system can be completely aligned with your company’s circumstances. For example, the iSii compact can easily be expanded with supplemental hardware and software, but also with climate controls such as ventilation control.

The iSii compact can be operated from anywhere in the world through your computer or smart phone. You can request data on the current cultivation conditions at any desired moment. Moreover, the software is available in several languages. This allows you to use all the functionalities of the irrigation system optimally to achieve a higher production and quality.

Managing greenhouse climate
In order to produce high quality products and to reduce pest & diseases it is important to have an uniform greenhouse temperature with a constant humidity. Climate controls in iSii compact work together to balance all climate factors properly. The climate software can control your vents (windows), recirculation fans, screens, heating and Pad and fan cooling.
Based on the measurements of the aspirator box, the climate will be controlled automatically, such as vents will be opened or closed.

Local service & support
Together with our local partner, you determine which iSii compact functionalities you require for your farm. Our partner are also ready to provide you with service and support. This makes the installation process proceed smoothly and costs are kept to a minimum.

The iSii compact is a clever step toward an efficient irrigation system strategy and climate control with higher cultivation yield.

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