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Kingswood Accounts - Farmers



Easy-to-use Income/Expenditure Input, Farm Budget calculations, Online Banking Statement Download, Co-op Statement Download, Teagasc Profit Monitor Link, Integration with Kingswood Herd, Information in “Accountant-friendly” format, Customer/Supplier database, Optional Extras include: VAT Analysis, Purchase/Sales Ledgers, Contractor-version.

Report On:

  • Financial Reports: Cash Flow, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Enterprise Summary
  • Accountants/Audit Reports: Transactions, Cashbook Income/Expenditure, Bank Audit Trail, Trial Balance, Nominal Ledger, Cheque Journal
  • Management Reports: Costing Current Year, Cost Comparison Reports, This Year vs Previous Years, Cost Per Unit, Overheads/Other Income, Analysis/Products
  • Cashflow Budgeting: Monthly Budgets, Budget Year to Date and vs Last Year, Cashflow vs Budget - by Month and by Year

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