Labor Tracking


We have partnered with Cincinnati Time Systems to build the most efficient, full featured Labor Tracking System for the Greenhouse industry.

Here are just a few of the many benefits that Picas Labor Tracking provides:

  • Gain an understanding of your cost per unit and quantity per hour.
  • Gives management vital information they can use, where they were only able to speculate before.
  • Allows tracking of the benefit of procedural changes, by tracking efficiencies before and after.
  • Fully track time and attendance.
  • Help establish average work rates for various greenhouse tasks.
  • Automatic upload into almost any payroll package.
  • Provides the tools necessary to track and maintain piecework incentives.
  • Allows for tracking time and quantities via portable handheld devices.
  • Increase productivity in all areas of greenhouse labor!

Picas Labor Tracking can be purchased as a stand alone product, and does not require any other Picas modules to fully function. However, if you have or are considering purchasing other Picas modules, Picas Labor Tracking will seamlessly integrate with ALL modules and Picas features.

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