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LemnaBase is the central database interface for all LemnaTec software modules. Depending on experimental throughput and LemnaTec system complexity, LemnaBase may require database structures on dedicated servers or can use local workstations. A LemnaTec database that is hosted on a dedicated server stores images in an FTP structure and all other experimental and meta-data in a SQL Database. To host huge amounts of data expeditiously, LemnaBase provides  specific administrative features such as:

  • Sub-divide databases for different experiments or different workgroups
  • Copy from one database to another to share images or results
  • Protect data that cannot be overwritten
  • Restricted access to certain databases
  • Provide different user levels with limited privileges

Depending on the LemnaTec Scanalyzer platform, different hardware solutions can be used to host the database. To ensure a maximum of data integrity for all offered solutions, the data is saved on redundant hard drives. Routines to backup data on external devices such as tape libraries or external hard drives are offered for additional resilience and long-term storage. An easy to use tool to import and export images and analyses is offered giving the full control of the data and posing the option to use third party application to analyze the images and analysis results.

Hardware Options

All Scanalyzer systems such as Scanalyzer3D, ScanalyzerHTS or ScanalyzerPL all utilize LemnaBase to save and store the data. However, high throughput systems such as Scanalyzer3D and ScanalyzerHTS produce vastly more data than lower throughput LemnaTec platforms. LemnaBase can be implemented in three different hardware environments to meet the exact requirements of the different hardware setups. These solutions have been designed by LemnaTec in cooperation with Dell to guarantee worldwide support within 4 hours.

Option 1

Fully automated greenhouse or growth chamber systems using the Scanalyzer3D can screen up to 1,000 plants a day in multiple wavelengths and therefore produce gigabytes of data per day. For those high throughput applications specially designed server racks are available. The rack contains a dedicated SUSE Linux Server that stores the data on an attached Raid 5 storage array with a net capacity of 20 TB. The storage can be extended with additional arrays. A second server is completely dedicated to the calculation of the image processing to guarantee fast availability of the results.

In addition the rack contains a tape library as a backup system. It can be configured to back-up the data periodically on magnet tapes with a native capacity of up to 36 TB. In case of a power failure the 2.7 kW UPS (uninterruptible power supply) covers the server from data loss.

Option 2

For Scanalyzer3D systems having a moderate throughput, LemnaBase can be hosted on a Tower Server. This Server is equipped with SUSE Linux and an internal Raid 5 storage system with a net capacity of 10 TB. An optional UPS can be installed to avoid any crash in case of a power failure.

Option 3

For Low throughput solutions such as the ScanalayzerPL an integrated Database solution is sufficient. The Database is hosted on the control computer that is equipped with a Raid 1 storage with up to 2 TB. Again an optional UPS can be installed to avoid any crash in case of a power failure.

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