Live Video Streaming


PrecisionHawk offers live, high-definition video streaming via internet connection through its cloud service. This gives users the ability to view video in near real-time for analysis from a remote base station using a smart device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc…). This service is compatible with most video feed formats that are streamed to a ground station via UAV. In addition to live streaming, the user will have the ability to save and store video for retrieval and viewing at a later time.

PrecisionHawk offers implementation services to incorporate video feed formats into our streaming service at a per hour rate. This enables you to adapt PrecisionHawk’s video streaming services for use on a range of platform types. Format adaptation only needs to be done once per platform system being used.

  • SD and HD multi-bitrate streaming
  • 720HD Multi-bitrate streaming capable
  • HD video player featuring adaptive bit rate
  • Seamless multi-camera/ mutli-sensor switching
  • Desktop players are Flash based and our mobile players are proprietary (iPhone, iPad and Android compatible)
  • Custom graphics package
  • Blackmagic devices supported
  • Long term storage of all live feeds at competitive storage rates
  • Video viewing analytics
  • Regulate which users have access to your content
  • Broadcast metadata for synchronization of other sensor data to video
  • Embedded video metadata that will allow sorting by location, date, and keywords

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