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Flow charts showing velocity, vorticity (turbulence) and divergence (quality). Hydrodynamic information on every point of time and location. Hydrodynamic ADCP data evaluation software. 'The elaborated scientific algorithm uses the stream function-vorticity-formulation of the two-dimensional Euler equation, which is solved on the nodal points of a numerical computational grid'. The scientific core is encapsulated in an easy to handle Windows(TM) user interface. The discharge module calculates flow rates at each time, on each of your userdefined cross section.

LOG_aFlow Applications:

  • In harbors, rivers and coastal zones, optimal in tidal waters
  • Maneuvering assistance for ship safety
  • Pilot- and accompanying surveying in hydraulic engineering
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Placement optimizations for fish farms in aquaculture industries

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