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If you are the type of business that wants your data at your fingertips MapLink is for you. By linking your maps to databases or spreadsheets you can produce reports and create management with ease giving you the information where and when you need it.

MapLink is a bolt on for PT-Mapper, enabling you to embed your data within your maps, bringing them to life. When the link is set up, MapLink allows you to select a map object and see the data relating to that map object, whether a tree, an asset, a property boundary, MapLink gives you the information you want.

  • Property Management
  • Tree surveying
  • Utility Management
  • Assets recording
  • Events planning
  • Projects analysis
  • Maintenance organisation

  • Import data directly from the Rural Payments Agency
  • Draw lines and shapes
  • Create buffer zones within objects (e.g. field boundaries)
  • Measure objects – both linear distances and area
  • Open multiple map windows concurrently
  • Integrate with Google Earth
  • Group individual layers to create specific themes
  • Preview print view
  • Add map titles and legends
  • Add codes to specific objects and groups of objects
  • Split fields to show multiple use
  • Import files from various sources
  • Export files to CAD and GIS
  • Use shortcut keys to speed up editing
  • Group objects
  • Paste KML data directly onto map

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