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- Real Time Calculation Engine (MCE) Software


The Meniscus Real Time Calculation Engine is the core product that powers the IPMS Process Monitoring and Utility management application.

  • Maximises the value of existing data by letting users easily combine/fuse raw data with different time bases i.e. 1 minute, 15 min, 30 min, daily etc.
  • Lets a user create, and change, any calculation using raw data or another calculation over the web. Can use standard maths functions, Boolean operators, date and time fact any C# function.
    • Includes New Exponential Weighted Moving Average function for improved forecasting.
    • Look up functions at the Company, Site, Meter and data type (raw data, calculated data, target, cost) level.
    • Multi day and multi period functions allow you to specify certain calculations/values are applied at certain times of the day/week.
    • Pumping Station Cusum function simplifies the process of monitoring pumping stations, boreholes and the like for long term average increases over and above the normal 'low flow' power consumption.
  • Create Process Template that have all Data Items pre-configured and that use the complex calculations to derive all the process metrics, benchmarks etc without the user having to set up anything.
  • Data is available immediately since all calculations, and calculations using other calculations etc, are automatically completed when raw data is imported or a calculation is changed. Calculated data is stored back in the database ready for immediate use.
  • Maintains a full dependency tree of all calculations so that a change in one automatically cascades through to other dependant calculations.
  • Full set of Web Services is available to integrate calculation engine directly into your own applications.
  • A sub set of proper asynchronous Silverlight Web Services are available to build and develop your own Silverlight Dashboards.
  • Calculation engine can be configured with a new Data Provider layer to integrate directly into your own databases.

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