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Pix4D provides photogrammetry software tools for creating aligned and calibrated mosaics from multispectral data captured with the MicaSense RedEdge-M, RedEdge and Parrot Sequoia cameras. After processing, Pix4Dag and Pix4Dmapper allow you to easily upload mosaics to MicaSense Atlas using the “Upload to Atlas” button.

We’ve partnered with Pix4D to bring you a 2-in-1 solution for getting more out of your multispectral data.

Take advantage of the speed and reliability of Pix4D software for processing, and the ag-specific analytics, visualization features, and scouting tools available in MicaSense Atlas.

The power of two platforms The convenience of desktop processing with the flexibility of cloud analytics
How do Atlas & Pix4D tools work together?

In Pix4Dmapper and Pix4Dag, there is a feature that allows you to upload processed reflectance maps to MicaSense Atlas. After uploading, analyze your data and take it into the field for informed scouting, then export it or share with colleagues.

  • Monthly license
  • Unlimited processing
  • Support & upgrades
Software for professional drone-based mapping.

Converts multispectral images into accurate reflectance and index maps, generate and edit orthomosaics from RGB images, and leverage the full potential of the 3D point clouds and models. Export the results to your machinery and farming management platforms. Processing locally when and where you want.


  • 1 month license
  • Unlimited processing
  • Support & upgrades

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