Microclimatic Sensoring Software


A differentiating factor associated with cost savings and an improved crop management is the fact that bynse measures and quantifies the microclimatic differences in any farm and plot. In order to quantify these microclimates bynse is equipped with an innovative field sensoring system, which consists of independent units called bynsebox.

Before installing bynsebox in the field, the farms and the plots are analyzed in order to delimit the areas with different microclimates, which are called cells.

The cells can cover an area between 1 and 50 hectares depending on the terrain, soil type, crop type, and species or planting pattern. Each cell will have abynseboxinstalled with the sensors that are adequate for the need to be covered.


There are severalbynseboxsetups depending on the different needs:

  • bynseboxsetup for Irrigation: designed to quantify water needs and to optimize your irrigation policy.
  • bynseboxsetup for Intelligent Irrigation: developed for using PET and VPD irrigation strategies in real time.
  • bynseboxsetup for Diseases: designed to forecast the risk of pests and diseases at microclimatic level.
  • bynsebox setup for Growth: designed to quantify the growth and production of the crops.
  • bynseboxsetup for Climate: setup developed to predict meteorological risks such as frost, hail, high temperatures, etc.

Beside these setups designed to provide a solution for the different needs, bynseboxes can be connected to many other sensors or systems depending on the particular needs, as for instance to electric valves, irrigation controllers, etc.

As measuring microclimates in the field is so crucial,bynseboxis a high-technology sensoring system, which has been especially designed for the field. Among its innovative qualities the following are noteworthy:

  • High compatibilitywith different sensor types and brands. Up to 20 compatible sensors.
  • Great adaptabilityto particular needs having up to 7 ports for connecting sensors.
  • Great robustnessthanks to its IP67 enclosure.
  • Easy installationin the field thanks to its different anchoring options.
  • Easy connectionand replacement of sensors by means of universal connectors.
  • Easy maintenancethanks to its design that allows replacing the batteries in a quick way.
  • It canfunction for a long timethanks to its high-capacity batteries and solar panels.
  • Great self-sufficiencybecause it sends the data through mobile communication using any mobile network operator in a way that is transparent to the producer without having to contract telephone lines as the communications are part of the bynsecloud service.

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