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Our modern photographs were all taken in the last decade and are plan colour photographs. They offer extensive coverage of Great Britain, allowing all areas to be seen from above. These photos also help you to assess the changing modern built landscape.

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1999-present colour plan view 12.5 - 25cm resolution photography
These photos include the Millennium Map of colour aerial photos of England and Wales (taken between 1999-2003). They have been stitched together to create a single seamless image. In addition, this imagery which has been produced by Getmapping, includes coverage of the majority of Scotland from 2004 onwards.

1999-present colour plan view 8 - 25cm resolution photography
These GeoPerspectives colour photos, produced by Bluesky, cover all of England and Wales, with some Scottish coverage.

2002 colour plan view high resolution photography
These are high resolution colour images that cover central London, produced by Blom Aerofilms. Each photo covers approximately 1.5km².


Product information

  • Data provider: Getmapping
  • Data provider: Blom Aerofilms
  • Data provider: Bluesky
  • Coverage area: Sporadic throughout Britain
  • Capture scale/resolution: 12.5 - 25cm (Getmapping), Unknown (2002 Blom Aerofilms), 8 - 25 cm (Bluesky)
  • Pricing: POA

Data currency

  • Version date of dataset: 1999 - 2008 (Getmapping), 2002 (Blom Aerofilms), 1999 - 2009 (Bluesky: GeoPerspectives)
  • Frequency of update cycle: Irregular

Aerial photography options

  • Download formats: JPEG, TIFF/CD
  • Maximum number per purchase: 5 images
  • Download scale limitations:

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