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As a greenhouse owner, you have few means to visualize information about your growing conditions. This makes it difficult for your team to optimize grow protocols and make business decisions on past farming practices–until now.

The Grow Journal collects data of your growing conditions and stores a historical record of your greenhouse outcomes, such as harvest yield and quality. Presented in simple graphs and streamlined formats, you can use the Grow Journal to see what is working, what needs to change, and what went wrong if your harvests fall short. Indoor farms and R&D growth chambers also benefit from tracking their operations and grow protocols with the Grow Journal. Adding your notes and uploading information from greenhouse sensors and climate controls are possible, and all that information is kept safe in one place. You get a historical record and a guide for your day-to-day operations.

All important greenhouse insights at your fingertips

The Grow Journal has a growing list of features for your greenhouse:

Yield vs Quality

Track and compare your harvest yields and their quality for each season

Growing Conditions

Track and compare seasonal internal growing conditions and receive insights into how they impact your harvest yield

Yield Estimates

Receive weekly harvest yield estimates provided by our artificial intelligence technology

Pests & Disease

Note the location of crop pests and diseases, and the use of pesticides

Equipment Failures

Record equipment failures and events that impact your crop

Crop Maintenance

Keep track of changes to your greenhouse, such as installing new equipment and crop maintenance

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