- Field-Nav


Field-Nav is the first navigation software that contains all navigable paths, takes movement restrictions into account and leads directly to the field or other agricultural objective. The system was specially developed for contractors, machinery syndicates and farmers.


  • simple recording of destinations
  • avoidance of wasted journeys or scouting trips
  • secure field identification
  • savings on staff training
  • improved logistics chain organization
  • secure navigation when visibility is poor
  • reduced pressure on driver

FIELD-Nav can now be used with all ME ISOBUS terminals, TRACK-Guide, as well as Guide ME. For these terminals no update is required, only unlocking of the FIELD-Nav software. Older terminals require an update.

FIELD-Nav Basic is the simplest solution for users who do not require the complexity of an ISOBUS terminal. It already contains the FIELD-Nav software.

The Guide ME terminal offers more options. It is available in different variants, including one with a GSM modem, enabling use of the internet portal FarmPilot. This variant is especially interesting for suppliers / collectors in a logistics chain. In addition, the parallel movement software TRACK-Leader can be activated.

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