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Agriculture has been the most traditional and effective mean of managing the civilization. Yet the sector has been un-structured primarily due to lack of awareness, education and innovative application to manage business needs. NAVFARM helps enterprises in managing complete livestock from farm to fork.

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Prudence Technology has built NAVFARM™, which is an effective application to manage Farms and livestock. NAVFARM™ not only helps to manage Farms and livestock’s but also contributes to managing the bookkeeping, food processing, and its distribution, production along with the critical report in a scheduled manner. NAVFARM™ also integrates through way-bridges to give you complete automation.

Feed Conversion Ratio
Online real time calculation of the FCR on the basis of the data entered by the users in the farm house.

Farm Activity Scheduling
Advance scheduling of the vaccinations, feeds, health checks as per the defined parameters. Material procurement planning as per the scheduled table.

Online Reporting
Reporting about the consumption, receipt of the goods, dispatch of the material in the real time from farm house to the HO.

Animal Mortality Reduction
Advance predication and parameter controls can prevent the mortality of the Animals, hence helping the farm owners to achieve a lower mortality ratio.

Traceability to the flock numbers and FCR monitoring as per flock helps in identifying the quality of the flock by the suppliers.

Since so many input factors go into the making of the end product; hence loaded cost calculation is a vital parameter, we help you in calculating flock wise / shed wise / farmhouse wise / enterprise wide cost of the end product.

NAVFarm is an innovative Poultry Feed Management Software that allows the feed manufacturing industry to have efficient information access and unmatched functionality. In addition to making the management of feed business easy, this software enables the user to enhance the customer service while maximizing margins, managing costs and increasing the sales revenue. What is more, it is the fact that this feed management software records all the transactions and activities involved in a Feed Mill. In essence, some of the common activities are purchases, sales, expenses, feed formulation, feed production and accounting. Furthermore, based on the Geographical, Climatic Conditions, Age and Availability of Raw Materials, there are different cost-effective feed formulas that are frequently used by the farmers. This feed manufacturing ERP includes a system to develop those cost optimization formulas.


  • Feed Standards
  • Feed Formula
  • Production Unit
  • Feed Formula with Standards
  • Feed Formula with Costing
  • Feed Production
  • Raw Material Transfer
  • Feed Transfer
  • Production Summary


  • Create manufactured feed and custom-blend formulas directly in the MS Dynamics NAV, and invoice customers for those products and services.
  • Create batches as you invoice for feed, apply grain bank from the Commodity Manager, and/or use the company-owned grain that you are selling to the customer.
  • Create mix sheets and batches for later billing.
  • Choose from a variety of mix sheet styles.
  • Use multiple units of measure for the same ingredients.
  • Track regulated ingredients by lot number to meet bookkeeping and traceability requirements.
  • Print numerous inventory reports to track product availability, costs, pricing and sales history.
  • Report by item, product code or category, and by lot tracked items.
  • Audit trail for physical adjustments allows for accurate account of physical inventory.
  • Receive and pay for all types of inventory items for single and multiple locations. Return received inventory just as easily.
  • One step to update prices across multiple locations.
  • Transfer inventory between locations, from one window.
  • Automatically create payable while receiving inventory, or receive inventory and create payable later.
  • Track products, services, COGs and FIFO cost per item.
  • Calculate pricing by item or price code based on last cost, average cost, market value, markup or margin.
  • Control who can access inventory and track who makes adjustments.

Created with the help of MS Dynamics, the Poultry layer management system is created to support the hatcheries to retain a consistent process that records the valuable data from multiple sources while reducing any probability of errors. This is to say that the hatchery management software records all the transactions and activities in a datasheet which are included in hatchery covering all the different aspects, right from day-old chicks to hatching of chicks. Some of the best functions of this software are candling, temperature and humidity record keeping.

Specifically made for efficient poultry farming practices, this software is extremely helpful in monitoring and managing the poultry farm practices. In addition to getting a comprehensive performance of hatcheries, this software also monitors all the cost related aspects. This software will help to focus better on managing poultry practices and egg production. In other words, you will get significant data that will help you know the performance by comprehending where do your poultry practices stand and what steps must be taken to increase productivity. Presenting the data on important key indicators, this software will allow you to take action on all aspects of poultry and hatcheries which are not doing well.


  • Efficient cost tracking as a result of recording all cost related aspects.
  • Better inventory control.
  • Absolute traceability from flock to the final chicks.
  • Advance planning and scheduling for the setter to the hatcher.
  • Graphical presentation of the MIS.

(Breeding Farms Management & Broiler Management)

In partnership with Microsoft Dynamics, Prudence Technology has developed livestock management software for capturing all the processes and transactions included in a farm. This software provides solutions for integrating flock performance, sales and purchases, feed formulation, various costs, feed production, and accounting. Contingent on some factors like climatic conditions, geographical conditions, raw materials availability and feed formulas, this livestock tracking software helps in increasing the productivity of the farm. Additionally, a different module of this software assists the farmers in following cost-effective practices with the help of formulas.

A pledge towards quality, this livestock management software is a tool for maintaining high yielding livestock practices. With an approach centered on business development, the main idea behind the development of this software was to devise a method that assists in managing the livestock efficiently and effectively. Managing the herd in a way that derives maximum profit for your business is the prime use of the livestock management system. If you are looking for a way to retain your livestock business in an advantageous way then this software is the right solution for you. Right and regular use of this software will prevent any common errors and human penalties that may otherwise occur manually.

  • FCR(Feed Conversion Ratio)
  • Sexing errors
  • Quantity of feed per day
  • Selection for production
  • Body weight gain
  • Mortality of livestock
  • Farm, Shed and Flock Details
  • Flock Wise Vaccination
  • Daily Entry
  • Mortality and Production details
  • Finalization
  • Bird Transfer
  • Feed Details
  • Mating/Sexing
  • House/Cage details
  • Vaccination Schedule
  • Flock Wise Vaccination Schedule
  • Combined Report
  • Individual Flock Performance Report
  • Flock-Wise Performance
  • Vaccination Report
  • Combined Report
  • Farm, Supervisor details
  • Daily Entry Report
  • Day wise Feed Report
  • Bird Transfer
  • Feed Transfer
  • Flock Wise Vaccination Schedule
  • Flock Sale & Lifting Details
  • Lifting Flock Report
  • Medicine wise Report
  • Vaccination Transfer Report
  • Mortality Summary
  • Identification
  • Farmer Realization Cost Report
  • Vaccination Schedule
  • Weekly Body Weight Report
  • Weight Comparison Report

In order to come up with the best possible practices for the meat businesses, Prudence Technology has devised slaughterhouse ERP software which caters to the particular needs of the industry. Created through MS Dynamics, this software is all encompassing the solution of taking control of the complete cycle of Slaughtering, butchering and the meat preparation. Specifically designed for the meat industry, this software offers comprehensive solutions for recording and analyzing all the little details involved in the slaughterhouse.

The slaughterhouse software includes a database that stores complete information about various business production processes like that of weights, readings, terminal inputs, etc. Taking advantage of all the factors that lead to high productivity, the modules of this software provide implementation services with great reliability and availability. The prime utilization of this software is for chicken, cattle, pork, beef, lamb, etc with an inventory that provides statistical selection, family, gross weights, and presentation under the type of feed, farm, breed and so on.

NAVFarm Slaughterhouse ERP software is an exceptional tool for business management. It utilizes world-class traceability and management technology in a way that improves operations with an integration of datasheet that retains planning, production, sales, purchasing, high-quality maintenance, traceability, and great food safety. In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, the valuable data is always available for managing and tracking the production. The quality assurance will become so advanced that it will be possible to be alert before any problem occurs.


  • Inventory management
  • Meat packaging
  • Product selection
  • Lot traceability
  • Proper handling of edible products
  • Rendering

Farm Equipment

The industry of farm equipment helps in facilitating global production while feeding the vast population. Through MS Dynamics, Prudence Technology has developed farm inventory management software that assists the farm industry in managing the business operations. This innovative software uses new age tools and applications, business processes, high-quality integration techniques that optimize business operations. Features like single sign-on and interoperability with Office 365 Apps and Excel help the farm equipment manufacturers to achieve maximum business benefits. As a result of a constant change in economic conditions and severe competition, this inventory management software makes sure that the farm equipment businesses get maximum benefits as a result of this breakthrough technology.

How Prudence Technology Delivers Business Value?

The objectives of a poultry farm equipment business are pretty simple, it is to use the resources optimally and avoid any equipment breakdown. The NAVFarm inventory management software India is primarily created to help businesses plan the operations, purchases while saving money and scheduling of all maintenance tasks. This is to say that the farm equipment should last longer and the work must produce better results. The implementation team has designed this software with better farm maintenance in mind. What is more, it is the fact that it can be accessed from any internet device to help you control the business processes even when you are out in the field.

  • Single Sign On
  • Interoperability with Office 365 Apps and Excel
  • Easy, quick and safe access to vital information
  • Optimum cash management
  • Cash flow forecast
  • Assembly Management
    • Improving customer service
    • Reducing inventory
  • Enhancement reports
  • Feature of Excel Add-in for Ad-hoc reporting
  • Feature of Excel integration to query
  • Quick item availability by timeline and event
  • Better planning enhancement
    • Time bucket
    • Rescheduling period
    • Lot accumulation period
    • Overflow level
  • Dampener period and quantity
  • Enhanced warehouse
  • Inventory movements recording
  • Additional default bins and dedicated bins
  • Increased service management
  • Jobs Wip calculation compliance


  • Inventory visibility and better control solution
  • Inventory Visibility and Control Solution
  • Prudence Asset Utilization and Optimization Solution
  • Prudence Supply Chain Risk Mitigation Solution
  • Prudence Complete Finance Management Solution
  • Prudence Complete Manufacturing Solution
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Solution.

Dairy Product & Distribution

Milk and other dairy products are a result of livestock farming practices. Dairy products are one of the most important sources of protein for human beings. Given the importance of dairy and the various products that come from it, there was a need to develop software that helped in the maintenance of optimum dairy farm management. Build on MS Dynamics, the NAVFarm Dairy ERP software that provides great functionality for the dairy industry. Making sure that the dairy products are managed and distributed in the right way, this software assists the dairy business immensely.

In addition to managing the distribution of dairy products, the dairy management software is tailored around the needs of sales, production and the supply chain management of various companies that center on making dairy products. Primarily developed to come up with innovative technology for managing, planning, balancing and controlling the milk production, this dairy milk management software supports the organizational issues well. The software will help you coordinate the process of milk procurement, milk processing and other various stages involved in the distribution to all the whole sellers and retailers.


  • Livestock counts by state, breed type, and vaccination
  • Feed Consumption Information
  • Revenues, Expenses and Profit/Loss

Milk Yield Management

  • Livestock daily milk yield-morning and evening includes Fat & SNF
  • Dairy Farm daily milk production-morning and evening includes Fat & SNF

Feed management

  • Feeding Strategy Definition
  • Auto record of feed consumption based on feeding strategy.
  • Feed consumption history
  • Ingredient list & rates
  • Feed formulas & cost

Provisions Management

  • Helps to benefit from markets prices if dairy farm preparing own cattle feed

Stock Management

  • Stock Register
  • Procurement Entry
  • Stock Transfer

Vendor Management

  • Quality
  • Stock
  • Ageing

Distribution Network

  • Procurement
  • Stock
  • MIS

The meat and poultry processing in India has been impacted immensely with an ever increasing number of restaurants opening in the country. The processed food and food retail business have great potential because of the meal and poultry processing sector. Processed food helps in making sure that the meat gets preserved and delivered in good shape.

The meat and poultry processing industry has particular requirements that are not met by normal applications. For instance, meat has an expiry date and the meat business needs to come up with methods that help in maintaining the meat products for a long time while making sure that the meat products get sold before they perish. Created upon MS Dynamics, Prudence Technology has come up with NAVFarm food processing software solutions are designed to specifically assist the meat industry. This food manufacturing ERP software helps in ensuring high-quality management and efficient tracking. In addition to catering to the basic ERP solutions, this software helps in being of use specifically for the meat processing industry.

  • Efficient food traceability
  • Quality management and movement of food products
  • Cost management
  • Sales and purchases projection
  • Complete tracking of wastes and by-products
  • Dispatch Management
  • Packaging management
  • Commission management
  • Efficient quality control
  • Transport management
  • Production management
  • Discount handling and promotional offers
  • Quick and easy reporting through performance analytics

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