- Real-Time Management Information System With Secure Data Storage


Nomad is a real-time management information system with secure data storage. It can be used without contact to register reliable information on labor, production and quality. Labor and crop protection are significant costs for entrepreneurs in the horticultural sector. The labor performance and efficiency of your personnel determine the cost price of your product to a great degree. Just as the speed of reaction does in cases of infestations. The wireless, real-time Nomad management information system visualizes all the current data about personnel performance, cultivation and harvest activities, production costs and the health of your crop very precisely. The analyses provide you with insight into your current business operation and offer support to your strategic short and long-term planning.

Registration of labor and production information
Nomad’s reliable and user-friendly entry devices record all labor and production information via manual or contactless entry (RFID). Data such as aisle number, employee number and cultivation activity are registered effortlessly via the individual or group key.

The Nomad analyses show you the locations where you can deploy fewer personnel and which employee performs a given cultivation activity the quickest. This allows you to save up to 15% on your labor costs by being able to deploy your personnel more efficiently. Nomad also makes it possible to enter data about diseases and plagues such as the location or the nature of the infestation. With this, your crop can be protected more effectively.

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