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For those who like to keep things under control We collect, merge and store for you all relevant figures and key data of your plant in real-time. So that you always have access to the most important operational parameters and useful evaluations for the complete documentation of your plant.


The user interface of the online data base (ODB) is equipped with an intuitively and user-friendly design and offers, among other things, the following features:

  • The most important key data at one glance: substrate usage, gas yield, CHP efficiency, self-energy consumption and so on. (can also be sent daily to your e-mail account).
  • All measured variables of your CHP, feeding system as well as temperature and gas analysis are merged and visualized in form of tables or graphs. Printable or for increased flexibility as import for Excel.
  • Display and storage of all failure reports.
  • Task distribution for your plant employees.
  • Daily plant checks: recurring tasks and manual data entry take place in order of your personalized plant check settings. The ODB is also accessible with your iPhone from gas pipe to fermenter. You can create individual plant checks for your employees and keep track of the status in the history.
  • Manual data input and correction possible
  • Substrate management: Specify the various substrate intake according to weight or by percentage
  • Note taking function
  • All parameters and the substrate intake can be changed online at any time
  • Over your password-protected access all data is available within seconds and at any time. Of course, you can also add and manage different user profiles.
  • The data transmission via the Internet ensures a smooth data transfer. Therefore, we install a modem at your plant which automatically collects all relevant data and reports it to the database.

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