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The OnFarm Grower Dashboard™ is home to all your farming information. The customizable dashboards enable you to keep organized while tracking important information, readings, and conditions. They also provide access to agronomic information from any device or location.

  • Design dashboards and arrange widgets based on your unique needs
  • Create a master dashboard for the office desktop and set it to auto-refresh
  • Mix and match data from different hardware, models, providers, and locations
  • Name your dashboards for easy reference
  • Simplify your view for quick decisions or create complex dashboards to uncover longterm trends

View your data your way.

OnFarm enables you to easily manage your data. We’ll walk you through adding new information to your dashboards, and our simple 3-step process will have your data ready to view in a couple of seconds.

  • Data from sensors, weather services/stations, maps, or crop protection applications
  • Manually collected data sources (pressure bomb, brix, trap counts, and more)
  • Models including growing degree days, chill hours, ETo, Bloomcast
  • Weather widgets that can combine physical data along with external forecasts
  • Boundaries and alerts already set up by another user are automatically configured in your new widget

Intuitive displays transform data into decisions.

Our widgets are designed to deliver specific information quickly and elegantly without overwhelming you.

  • Focus on any single data source or group of sources in a widget
  • Make trends, averages, and forecasts easy to detect and understand with a 30-day snapshot
  • Weather widgets provide local, ag-centric forecasts
  • Set sensor boundaries to get notified when change occurs
  • Use Multi-widgets to capture data from various sources and compare them side-by-side

Need more? Drill down to the details with advanced charting.

Sometimes you need to get into the proverbial weeds. OnFarm supports you by providing advanced interactive charting on all your data.

  • Focus in using specific times, dates, and locations
  • Group similar sensors and chart data on the same graph
  • See your management boundaries over time
  • Add notes to any chart
  • Save and export chart data charts as PDFs or images

Enterprise-wide scheduling.

Stop juggling calendars, white boards, and paper schedules. OnFarm give your team an easy-to-use scheduler that’s built right in.

  • Designate tasks and activities to any location (farm, field, block, etc)
  • Categorize tasks to help you plan and avoid conflicting operations
  • Assign tasks to any OnFarm user and notify them directly
  • View tasks and activities in weekly or monthly layouts
  • Sort tasks by activity to see the plan quickly and easily

Alerts to any phone or email.

Set alerts on any of your information and have them delivered in real time to any phone or email. Alerts are user specific so the right person gets the message every time.

  • Tracks all active and expired system alerts
  • Any sensor can have a low or high alert
  • Frost alerts
  • Low moisture alerts
  • Pressure alerts
  • High wind alert
  • Any phone vis SMS or any email account

Maps for each farm, field, and asset. Now powered by ESRI, the gold standard in mapping.

From spotting crop issues to visualizing where assets are located, you can take advantage of advanced imaging and GIS information inside OnFarm mapping system.

  • Import your ranch boundaries  from Agrian, ESRI, or Google Earth
  • OnFarm can also build your ranch maps electronically for you
  • USDA soils layers
  • Displays high level and field boundaries with asset locations
  • Supports image overlays from satellite or drone sources

Private communication.

OnFarm is designed to be collaborative. Add accounts for your ranch managers and free alert accounts for irrigators, field staff, or others that you need to keep on track. PCAs, crop, soil, and other consultants can be given access to the information they need most.

  • Tag messages for anything; location, activity, or any tag you create
  • Reply to specific messages, message chains
  • Retains all messages for your records

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