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You know your fields better than anyone, get the most out of that knowledge by using the right tools and information. Actionable Data Delivered to all of Your Team Members’ Devices. Collaborate & Make Confident, Accurate Decisions.

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Access Your Data from Anywhere

Analyze your data in the office. Ground truth your findings and take action in the field.

Analyze the evolution of your field

Notice the changes at different phenological stages or seasons and see the results of your field management.

Better collaborate with your team

Guide your team to the area that requires attention and easily report and share observations.

Stop the guess work. Get accurate information

Monitor change, manage quality & get better yield estimations thanks to accurate imagery and precise statistics.

OODA Farm Make Your Remote Sensing Data Actionable to Improve Your Bottom Line

  • Detect the presence of pests and disease, assess the extent of damage
  • Implement variable rate cultivation and improve uniformity of the blocks to limit use of inputs
  • Identify stress and optimize water resources
  • Compare evolution of your fields and detect trends
  • Utilize your experience to correlate imagery products and targeted field inspections to form testable hypotheses

Collect your field's data with your drone or book a flight with one of our certified drone operators.

Data of your field is processed automatically in the cloud.

We deliver high quality health maps & additional imagery products to all your devices

Tools and Data to Help Your Team From Planting to Harvest
  • Terrain analysis to help you design new plantation, irrigation systems and water drainage   
  • Identify and measure under-planted areas to optimize land usage   
  • Test the efffectiveness of expensive solutions such as fertilizer or irrigation systems   
  • Improve yield estimation, plan and execute your harvests

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