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Quickly and accurately, design and model detailed supports for your piping, electrical, and HVAC equipment with OpenPlant Support Engineering. Save time and reduce errors through interoperability with piping stress and structural data created in other design tools. Lower software costs by economically scaling the software’s deployment to fit any size project.

OpenPlant Support Engineering enables you to:
  • Save time modeling basic supports and complex support assemblies through the use of extensive vendor catalog content
  • Increase productivity and reduce time supporting design tasks with fast, accurate placement of supports for piping, tray, raceway, and HVAC
  • Streamline your design using i-models or OpenPlant ModelServer-based workflows to import piping stress and structural analysis results to quickly determine support requirements
  • Ensure accuracy in the construction phase with detailed support drawings and bills of material

Design a 3D plant physical model
Provide accuracy and speed that reduces time to construction and eliminates field rework with 3D models. You can use these models for executing greenfield projects, retrofitting designs, and visualizing existing facilities.

Design engineered supports
Quickly design engineered supports from a catalog of pre-built supports including pipe attachments, support hardware, assemblies, support frames, tray supports, and HVAC supports. Add them to plant models created in OpenPlant Modeler and shared with OpenPlant ModelServer and generate the isometrics.

Generate plant project deliverables
Automatically generate detailed drawings with configurable bills of material, eliminating manual take-offs. Generate reports for pipe, support, equipment, and instrument lists.

Perform collaborative plant engineering
Interoperability ensures plant design data and construction deliverables are available anytime for project team members to quickly find, share, and use. The collaborative environment allows users to check out model components, make updates, and check them in.

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