Operational Planning Software

With pcSKOG Operational planning puts you plan into action by creating a so-called operational plan with regions and operational measures. With product you can call up local instructions, felling applications, map report, etc.


pcSKOG Operational Planning (OP) is an addition to pcSKOG Professionals giving you the opportunity to harvesting plan by creating a so-called operational plan with regions and operational measures. With pcSKOG OP lets you create regions and measures with data from the forest management plan. From the OP can create local instructions, logging notification, a summary report on the operational plan and a so-called contractor package. 

Get started quickly
with a forest management plan, you have a lot of data available, stocks division, volumes and species mix. Add an aerial and activate map services from eg Board of Forestry and you are up and running!

Be more productive
After that, you assume the forest management plan can save time by reusing beständsgränser and stocks data.

Working in a van environment
All planning can be implemented in a program - pcSKOG. The long term plan, forest management plan, can be kept abreast of pcSKOG Professionals and the short-term, operational plan, can be kept abreast of pcSKOG OP.

Communicate effectively with entrepreneurs
by allowing you to send a digital data in the form of contracts Directive, felling applications, chart reports and digital map data in the form of so-called GHD files to contractors, minimizes the risk of misunderstandings.

Easier to up-date the forest management plan
, you also save time by making it easier to update the long-term plan, the forest management plan, based on actions performed in the operational plan.

Reduce the risk of later problems
by making a field visit with pcSKOG field, you can catch the right boundaries, volumes and possible. obstacles. Anything to make it easier for the contractor to do efficient work.

  • Create tracts
  • Creating type measures thinning, clearing, tilling, regrowth and consideration.
  • Download stock data from the forest management plan. Use forestry plan section / betåndsytor to create action surfaces.
  • Create account surfaces.
  • Place a landing, alarm coordinates, Consideration Point, Antiquities and Information point.
  • Place Basic road, service road and information line. 
  • Create local instructions: Regeneration felling, thinning, cleaning, Scarification, Regrowth. 
  • Create felling applications.
  • Develop a so-called mapping report that compiles the operational plan of maps and text.
  • Take out a package to the contractor. This package contains the operational plan in the form of wallpapers, digital boundaries, etc. Support for GHD.
  • Edit The tract directives with Excel to adapt them for your own business. 

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