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Modern dairy farming is a complex enterprise.  With the trend towards larger herd sizes, there’s a lot of cow data that needs to be recorded quickly and accurately.

These days, there are numerous off-farm organisations who need to keep up to date with your dairy records, like BCMS, your milk testing agency or breed society.  And as well as your farm staff, you’ll almost certainly want your vet and dairy nutritionist to be in your information loop.

And then you’ll always have to contend with inspections from RPA, DEFRA, Farm Assurance, The Environment Agency and maybe even Trading Standards (for cattle movement records).  Without the use of computer software for your dairy, keeping the information needs of all these people and organisations satisfied becomes a near-impossible job.

Orchid FarmWizard for Dairy is a unique, web-based (also known as “cloud”) dairy herd software system that blends seamlessly into your daily work routine and makes it easy to update other people and organisations for performance monitoring, cross-compliance and farm assurance. Not just usable on your desktop computer, because the system is web-based, it’s easy to enter or view cow records on the move using your smartphone or tablet even if your holding doesn’t have internet coverage in every nook and cranny.  Even better, several users can enter dairy records at the same time and from different locations.

To save even more of your valuable time, all the hassles of traditional PC software are removed – with Orchid FarmWizard for Dairy, there’s no software to install, no data back-ups to do and with a simple set of user screens, you won’t need to invest a lot of time and money in training.

Fast & hassle-free data entry

Orchid FarmWizard uses a simple set of web-style screens for data entry and reporting, and can be used on PC, Mac or any Wi-Fi/3G enabled tablet computer like the iPad.

The screens are designed for speed of data entry, for example many events can be batch recorded and cattle can be grouped and “tagged” in the software for faster identification.

You can also record herd information on the move using your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry smartphone. That means you’ll be able to put your feet up at the end of the day, instead of sitting down at the PC to enter a backlog of cow events.

Remember that information recorded on your phone can be synchronised from any computer that’s connected to the Internet – Wi-Fi or 3G/4G.

If your mobile phone doesn’t have an Internet connection, you can receive cow breeding reminders and enter cow events via simple text messages.

Farm Assurance & Cross Compliance Recording

Orchid FarmWizard gives you peace of mind for cross compliance checks and inspections:

  • Keep ahead of BCMS deadlines – automate your passport applications and movement notifications.
  • Reduce the risk of financial penalties – check for discrepancies by running a comparison check between your records and the CTS any time you choose
  • Produce an official Herd Register report

Dairy Farm Assurance Scheme inspections:

  • Record cattle medicine purchases, animal treatments and purchased feedstuffs
  • Record grassland inputs
  • Perform NMax calculations
  • Show a list of dairy animals on your holding at any given time
  • Orchid FarmWizard is regularly updated to handle any changes in legislation

Milk Records

  • Automatically import yields from your computerised milking parlour
  • Import dairy cow yields, fats, proteins and cells from NMR and CIS datastream
  • Import milk yields from most computerised milking parlours
  • View the best and worst performing cows and the dairy herd averages for each test
  • Produce graphical reports for yield, fat, protein and cell counts

Send your herd data where it’s needed

There’s a whole range of people and organisations who need to be in your herd information loop:

  • CTS
  • Breed Society  (pedigree registrations)
  • Milk Recording Agency (cow breeding events)
  • Farm Assurance Scheme (drug treatment records, levels of mastitis, lameness)
  • Vet (Herd Health Plan) – link to services like VetImpress
  • Cattle Genetics Consultant/Technician – Cow Service and PD records
  • Dairy Nutritionist
  • Farm Business Consultant

Plus you may want to update your computerised milking parlour with cow breeding event dates.

Because Orchid FarmWizard is a web-based or “cloud computing” service, these organisations can be updated much more easily than with traditional Windows PC software.  In fact, you can have your Orchid FarmWizard system set up to perform many of these updates automatically.

Fertility Performance Monitoring

Not getting your cows back in calf costs money.  Orchid FarmWizard gives you and your adviser all the industry-standard tools to analyse herd fertility performance.  Standard statistics like CuSum, submission rates and conception rates are calculated and presented on one simple screen.

Orchid FarmWizard can automatically transfer your data to services like VetImpress, enabling your vet to gain a deeper understanding of your herd, which could ultimately help improve your bottom line.

Customised reports to suit your management needs

Orchid FarmWizard provides powerful “rule based” reports that let you select your required data columns and define the criteria, which will select only the animal records that you are interested in.

Most of the Orchid FarmWizard functions come as standard, but there are a few modules that can be added for a single, one-off charge:

  • One way or two-way link to your computerised milking parlour
  • Link to Holstein UK for pedigree registrations
  • Smartphone App for recording and viewing herd records on iPhone, Android, Blackberry smartphones and tablet computers

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