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Agricultural industry Software

  • Ag Payroll Software

    Datatech’s Ag Payroll system is designed from the ground up to handle the demanding requirements of a high volume agricultural payroll.  Here are some of the highlights:

    By Datatech based in Fresno, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Ag Payroll Software Software line

  • STEELbuilder

    STEELbuilder is a powerful software tool that boosts business productivity and profitability for builders of steel-framed houses, sheds, carports, garages and pergolas. Whether you're a small business or a large construction company, STEELbuilder reduces design and quoting times from days to minutes while the system completes engineering checks ...

    By Engineering Software Solutions Pty Ltd. (ESS) based in Port Adelaide, AUSTRALIA.

  • SpeEDI - Electronic Data Interchange Software

    SpeEDI (Electronic Data Interchange )is a method for passing data between business Partners. Vertical Software has developed data integration solution with your trading partners. Data is moved from the receiving company to the shipper. SpeEDI converts data into a usable format. SpeEDI processes the data into the *GrainTrac Software. Processing ...

    By Vertical Software, Inc. based in Bartonville, ILLINOIS (USA). from Electronic Data Interchange Software Software line

  • Simplified - Broker Advantage Software

    Broker Advantage software has the capability to simplify all your daily paperwork and still leave time to concentrate on new business. The elements for each load are entered and viewed in one simple screen. Every weight and pallet calculation needed to ensure the most profit from each load is done for you on a line-by-line basis. This system will ...

    By Simplified Software based in Santa Cruz, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Passfield - Horticultural Stock Pricing Software

    Pricing horticultural stock can be a complex issue. Passfield delivers a simple solution that can adapt to the way your business works. As well as straightforward client group pricing, it can price according to quantity, season, packs and even specific clients. It handles discounts, tax-inclusive pricing and implements price expiry dates for ...

    By Passfield Data Systems Ltd based in Honiton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Business Intelligence Software

    Operations and inventory real time management software

    By MJ Feed Mill Systems Inc based in Delson, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • C3 IoT - Cross-Industry Software

    Built on the C3 IoT platform, C3 IoT applications aggregate volumes of disparate data from enterprise systems and external sources; apply advanced machine-learning algorithms for rigorous, predictive, and continuous analysis; and present actionable insights that address mission-critical business imperatives. Built on the C3 IoT platform, our ...

    By C3 Energy based in Redwood City, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • SMP - Municipal Tax Administration Software

    SMP system is designed for accounting for municipal taxes (land, real estate rental, etc.), charges (for pet ownership and registration), permits (construction, external advertising posts, arranging mass public events, training, etc.), licensing (for the retail sale of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, bulk petroleum products, transportation ...

    By Algoritmu Sistemos Ltd. based in Vilnius, LITHUANIA.

  • WineGrapeX - Bulk Wine & Grape Listing Software

    Efficient and interactive database to assist both grape buyers and grape sellers to find each other. 

    By Grow Smarter, Inc. based in USA.

  • Phenom Programming Interface (PPI)

    The Phenom Programming Interface (PPI) is a must-have for any customer that wants to integrate their Phenom desktop SEM into a production process or for creating a customized solution. Based on open standards, it is now possible to control any part of the Phenom desktop SEM. Stage, navigation camera, and SEM controls can be accessed using this ...

    By Phenom-World BV based in AM Eindhoven, NETHERLANDS.

  • ERP Teseo - Version 7 Wine - Wine Management Software

    The Software Management for Enterprises of the Wine sector. Traceability and tracking of the wine from the vineyard to the Sale. Teseo7 Wine is the ERP developed for the complete management of the winery, starting from the management of the vineyards to the wine sale. Teseo 7 Wine is the perfect tool to manage all typical production, bookkeeping ...

    By Zucchetti Centro Sistemi S.p.a based in Terranuova Bracciolini (AR), ITALY.

  • AgSync - Invoicing, Inventory and Reporting Software for Aerial Applicators

    Save yourself time and the hassle of double entering data with the AgSync accounting module. Billing, inventory, personnel records and more can be easily managed to help invoice sooner, and get paid faster. The AgSync invoicing and inventory module will streamline your application financials. When a work order is confirmed completed, a line item ...

    By AgSync, Inc. based in Wakarusa, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • T3 - Production Scan Mobile System

    The Production Scan Mobile system is for use in settings where stationary barcode readers and printers are not practical. You use a mobile device with the Production Scan mobile system to either scan a product or generate an ID d for the product. Production Scan Mobile attaches the digital information of where the product came from, what time, ...

    By T3 Technologies based in Centerville, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • Assisi Enterprise - Company Wide Forest Inventory and Management Planning Software

    Assisi Enterprise brings all the features of Assisi Manager to an entire organization.  With Assisi Enterprise there is a single database with everyone working off of the same field, inventory and planning data.  User locking allows each user to prevent others from making changes while working on data.  Program scripting is ...

    By Assisi Software Corp based in Portland, OREGON (USA).

  • Post-Sales Feedback Survey Software

    C-Systems is proud to partner with SurveyAdvantage and bring our dealers the benefits of their award-winning service. This is not another DIY online marketing tool. CustomerPulse is a fully managed process that regularly gathers post-sales feedback via simple and brief email surveys, regularly drives your online reviews, and helps you grow your ...

    By c-Systems Software, Inc. based in Arlington, TEXAS (USA).

  • Infinity Business Management Software for John Deere

    c-Systems Software worked closely with John Deere Corporation in developing innovative software solutions that equip dealers with the tools they need to be successful. Always at the forefront of technology, our Infinity Business Management System continually evolves to produce features that help dealers optimize efficiency and boost business ...

    By c-Systems Software, Inc. based in Arlington, TEXAS (USA).

  • Intelligence - Ongoing Data Collection Software

    We capitalize on our ongoing data collection in order to quantify the TerraFarm environment. Through computer vision and deep learning we created a neural network that diagnoses and monitors plant health, allowing TerraFarmers to streamline quality control.

    By Local Roots based in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Agronomy Management Software

    As you look to differentiate your service offerings and provide more value to your grower customers, Cultura has the advanced tools you need to improve your levels of customer service, workflow productivity, and overall business management in order to boost productivity and profitability. Cultura’s agronomy management software enables ag service ...

    By Cultura Technologies based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA.

  • Complete Crop Management Software

    Complete crop management system improves profitability through better planning, production, and marketing. Complete inventory control , production records and analysis. Quick and easy data entry and editing. Built-in report generator. Integrates with TransAction Plus.

    By FBS Systems, Inc. based in Aledo, ILLINOIS (USA). from Complete Crop Management Software Software line

  • LiSI PrintOutParser - Optimizing Your Systems Protocols Software

    Companies of the life sciences industry protocols are printed out at many plants. This will be scanned normally and so assigned as a PDF graphic of each batch. The process is labor-intensive and at the same sketchy, because the PDF files cannot be searched by content. Get help with our solutions. With LiSI PrintOutParser (LiSI = Life Sciences ...

    By Systec & Services GmbH based in Karlsruhe, GERMANY. from Optimizing Your Systems Protocols Software Software line

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