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StocKeeper just became smaller. StocKeeper Companion allows you to manage your herd’s data from the palm of your hand using a Palm OS or Pocket PC Handheld Computer. What could be easier?

Why should you consider using a handheld computer on your farm? Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Instant data. All of your herd's data can be retrieved from you Palm OS Handheld. You no longer need to run back to the office to check on the status of an animal, or to see what their last medical event was.
  • Instant input. Get rid of that notepad! With Companion, you can enter all of your animal's data while you are working in the field.
  • Save time. Since you can look up and enter data all from the convenience of your hand held device, you no longer need to spend time manually typing your data in on the computer.

How does it work?

If you can use a calculator, you can use StocKeeper Companion. Here is how it works:

1) Sync your handheld with your desktop.

Before you head out for the day, place your handheld computer in the cradle that connects to your main computer with StocKeeper. This will transfer all of the data from your desktop computer to your handheld computer.

2) Look up and enter data.

While you are working during the day, you can look up any information on an animal and enter any data on an animal. You can also take your to-do list with you that will remind you of all your herd-management tasks.

3) Sync your handheld with your desktop.

When you are finished for the day, place your handheld computer back in its cradle. This will take all of the new information you entered during the day and transfer it back into StocKeeper on your desktop computer.

4) Go watch TV.

You are done! You no longer need to spend that hour re-entering all of your herd data from your worksheets.

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