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Herd-Pro Software is available to develop and deploy your company's custom and/or enterprise software solutions. StocKeeper was developed as a very open system, easily scaled and customized for a wide variety of applications.We've developed custom features for South Africa, De Laval, and Columbia to name a few. We've also developed a web based system called PalmLink

Our first enterprise software package is PalmLink. PalmLink was designed for milk testing centers and consultants. The package consists of a central web server and Palm OS handhelds for the patrons. The patron enters and looks up date on their Handheld Computer. This data is then sent back to the central server via an internet interface. The patron can also generate reports via the web interface.

This system offers several benefits over traditional desktop software:

  • Lower support costs. The only application the farmer uses is on the Palm OS Handheld. This software can be updated automatically from the web server. Any new feature additions to the StocKeeper server happen transparently to the end-user.
  • Faster Data Retrieval. All data is updated data. Your field technicians do not need to manually re-enter the data into their systems.
  • Data Error Reduction. Since the data is entered once, and only once, the chances of errors being introduced to the data are greatly reduced.

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