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PANTHEON Hosting is a service that enables you to use the ERP system in the cloud. Cloud applications are especially suitable for accounting firms and smaller users, because the program can be paid for on a per-use basis. With such a setup, an accounting firm connects to a server containing its data and begins work. The only things required for successful operations are internet access and a PANTHEON license. We take care of everything else. This way, the accounting program becomes a tool that you access, use, and pay for on a per-use basis. This approach to acquiring a business solution is affordable, secure and reliable, and offers users all the PANTHEON functionalities that they would expect from a dedicated application.

Advantages of PANTHEON Hosting

  • Accounting firms and their clients can simultaneously access the same database, greatly reducing work
  • More time for consulting and analyses and less time spent entering data that's already been entered by client's
  • Electronic archiving of documents
  • Fast and easy access from anywhere via the internet
  • Data security
  • No costs associated with purchasing and maintaining a server and licenses
  • Flexibility: Today 50 companies, tomorrow 100; today 5 employees, next week 3, and 5 the week after that
  • Earn additional bonuses through the Recommend PANTHEON program
  • Client documents never leave the company, and are never copied in an unsupervised environment
  • Accounting firms can access their clients' databases on the server
  • No hardware investments required (SQL server)
  • Save time and reduce travel expenses
  • Data security
  • Electronic archiving of documents
  • No investment required; users pay for the program on a per-use basis

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