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pcSKOG Plan Center is pcSKOGs product for safe and effective storage and management of forestry plans. Whether you are working with many forest management plans are multiple users on the same plane or an organization with contractors, employees or end-customers spread geographically different locations, so Plan Center is a service for creating order in the administration of forest management plans. With Plan Center collects all current versions of forest management plans in the organization in a single place - in pcSKOGs Service Plan Center. This minimizes the risk that one 'drop' off plans or the confusion about which version of the plan is current. When several people are to make a new plan, only one user at a time to have an editable plane checked out on their local PC - all to reduce the risk of duplication.

The plans are hedged
Using Plan Center secured the organization's plans by presenting the organization's Plan Center (SQL database). Organization Plan Center monitored and backed up by pcSKOG.

Save time by finding the plan quickly
by all the plans are versioned in Plan Center saves you time by letting you search for a specific plan, for example by enter the plan name. 

The risk of duplication is minimized
Unfortunately, we sometimes lose track plans such as when employees leave or on a laptop breaks down. With Plan Center disappear this problem when the plans are safely stored in Plan Center.

Gain control of your plane production
by all the plans located in Plan Center, you can follow the organization's plan production process. You can, for example search out the number of plans with a certain status. You then get an overview of the organization's planned production status.

Compile information across all 
By all plans located in Plan Center, one can produce various reports / summaries to all plans in Plan Center.

A central part of a solution
Plan Center is fully integrated with pcSKOGs Products, Professional and Field, which will be an investment to get greater benefit from and build on. Plan Center is also the base for other services pcSKOG are developing, such pcSKOG Portal to publish plans on the web or apps.

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