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PIG FOCUS is an advanced whole herd monitoring system, based on weekly records, which includes a database of information on the production and management system, health status, genetics and feeding programme. Launched in 2006, following over two years of development and trials, PIG FOCUS is the result of a collaboration between Devenish Nutrition, Pork Chain Solutions and Garth Partnership. The key objective is to use our production and veterinary expertise to deliver a concise, simple and reliable assessment of the Key Performance Indicators on your unit for effective health and production control.

  • Data entry is via a secure web-based portal, usually by the producer, or it can be arranged on a bureau basis through an approved user-group or facilitator
  • Multi-level password protected access allows the stockperson/unit manager, owner, vet or advisor to access current reports and compliance charts via the portal, or they can be printed and mailed to bureau users
  • Provides options for all production systems - breeding only, breeding/nursery, breeding/nursery/finisher, nursery only and finisher only operations
  • Provides additional information for units practising Within Herd Multiplication
  • Reports make use of colour and graphics to highlight parameters that are above or below target

There are a variety of recording systems available to assist producers and their staff to manage their units and compile historical data. These systems adequately maintain individual sow records and produce Action Lists for day-to-day management of the unit.

However, staff are often overwhelmed by the output from such systems and are unsure how historical information relates to day-to-day activities. They become distracted by detail, such as an increase in stillbirths, while missing the big picture, such as failing to achieve the correct number of services.

Vets and advisors often waste time searching for key performance indicators, or have to attempt to estimate them from limited data records, in order to help farms make rational business decisions.

PIG FOCUS is designed to enhance rather than replace existing recording systems, whether computerised or manual, and the unique reporting format encourages staff and owners to concentrate on output.

PIG FOCUS allows vets and advisors to examine Key Performance Indicators calculated in a standard format, with the added benefit of cross-farm analysis using the powerful database.

  • PIG FOCUS encourages stockpersons to concentrate on output and identifies shortfalls and opportunities to improve unit profitability.
  • The principle report is a weekly Focusboard, which represents the current 21 weeks of performance, i.e. the normal breeding production cycle for weaning at 21 - 27 days (see example and explanation of key features on Focusboard)
  • The visual impact of Focusboard helps stockpersons, managers, owners and their advisors to focus on the internal causes of variability in production output
  • Versions of Focusboard are available to cover a variety of production systems, including 22-weeks for later weaning, and batch farrowing systems
  • Other reports for various multiples and combinations of weeks are available for overall breeding and feeding herd performance parameters

PIG FOCUS provides unique forecasting facilities.

An adequate availability of gilts eligible for service is essential to ensure that service targets are met consistently.

  • PIG FOCUS uses farrowing rate, culling rate, service target data and gilt entry-to-service interval to provide a forecast of gilt requirements for the next breeding cycle

Achieving the target number of pigs and total kgs of pigmeat sold have a major impact on unit profitability

  • PIG FOCUS uses the recorded data to provide a forward forecast of pigs available for sale
  • This information can be used to inform processors, make comparisons with budget, and in the case of a shortfall, may indicate an opportunity to increase sale weight if circumstances permit, in order to minimise the deficit in kgs sold

To see an example of the the PIG FOCUS weekly production monitoring report, called 'Focusboard', please click here. 


  • The report represents the current 21 weeks of performance, i.e. the normal breeding production cycle for weaning at 21 - 27 days
  • Explanations of the key features of the report are provided around the outside of the report
  • The basic format of Focusboard is that production figures at or above target (the BLUE figures) are coloured GREEN and those below target areRED

What More Can Pig Focus Do For You?

Compliance charts

Are your staff doing what you think they are doing?

  • PIG FOCUS can generate compliance reports and charts on a whole range of aspects of breeding and feeding herd management
  • In striving to optimise performance, priorities change and PIG FOCUS can therefore generate reports and charts on those Key Performance Indicators relevant to that unit at a particular point in time

Batch farrowing reports

  • Special versions of Focusboard are available for 2-week, 3-week, and 5- week batch farrowing systems
  • These reports follow each batch through the breeding production cycle from service to farrowing and weaning
  • The basic data is still entered each week and the system highlights the unplanned spread of activities across the weeks and therefore provides a useful monitor of batch integrity
  • The success of any batch system is dependent on good control of service numbers and the unique gilt forecasting feature provided by PIG FOCUS is a particularly useful management tool for batch production

Database analysis

  • As well as providing the principle production control function, PIG FOCUS is also a powerful database powered by Microsoft SQL Server
  • As each unit is set-up on the PIG FOCUS system, a whole range of information including location, production system, housing type, genetic source, health status, vaccination protocol, etc. is entered into the database
  • This information can then be used to form the basis of special reports, cross-farm analysis and seasonal trends, etc.
  • League tables of Key Performance Indicators, in which the identity of individual units is anonymous, provide further stimulus and interest for staff

Platform for What If? evaluation and decision making

  • PIG FOCUS can be linked to a comprehensive What If? model to allow advisors to assess and discuss the financial implications of capital investment, management changes or depopulation programmes.
  • Information from PIG FOCUS can also be integrated with Management Accounting software to allow producers and their advisors to obtain a better understanding of Cost of Production.

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