Version Pipe FM - Professional Plow Operator


AGPS-PipeFM (Farm Model) is a unique software that saves farmers time, effort, and money while installing drainage tile. This software calculates the slopes and grade breaks for an entire main or lateral using Vertical Curve Technology™ and controls the machine grade during installation. Also captures lines during install to easily make CAD maps showing drain layout.

Key Benefits of Pipe FM

  • Developed with a professional plow operator
    • Easily understandable by contractors/farmers
    • Many features to aide in operation
    • PipeFM is scaled down from AGPS-PipePro, making upgrades easy
  • Parameter driven Vertical Curve Technology™
    • Minimum and Maximum slope
    • Minimum, Optimum, and Maximum depth
    • Recalculate any time
    • See the proposed design before installing any pipe
    • See pipe depths for the entire line
  • Automatic grade control
    • Compatible with JD and Case valves
    • External proportional valve available
    • Also compatible with pulsing valves
  • Pass label automatically increments a unique tile line number
  • Installation tracking
    • Exports to .dxf format, read by a CAD program
    • Relocate easily
  • Works with any style plow.
  • Use RTK GPS without the need for laser.

Added Benefits of Pipe FM+

  • No speed limit
  • Easier guidance/planning
    • Rotate and align grid
    • Parallel offset lines
    • On screen lightbar
    • Background drawing import
    • Aerial image import
  • Distance report of footage installed totals mains and laterals per day and job.

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