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The Plan-A-Head Beef Management System allows you to manage your herd(s) efficiently and profitably. This program was developed in consultation with most of the Breed Societies in Southern Africa. It also integrates with other Plan-A-Head agricultural software, allowing you to manage your whole enterprise efficiently and cost effectively. The Plan-A-Head Beef Management System provides data recording, verification and processing according to ICAR (International Committee for Animal Recording) guidelines.

Plan-A-Head Beef Management System provides the following types of information displayed on each animal card.
  • Lifetime services and conceptions with bull used enabling extraction of cows not pregnant.
  • Lifetime calving, progeny and inter-calving periods showing cows that have not calved annually.
  • Weight recordings and average daily gain (ADG) and enabling user to extract animals not gaining at target ADG’s currently and over lifetime.
  • Blup & Phase A and B results (South Africa). Electronic import and export of this information to the relevant beef organizations.

Options to enter:

  • AI or Group Servings - If the user is doing AI, this can be recorded per individual cow, and pregnancy tests then entered against each AI record. Should the user be doing group servings, he can enter the date the bulls entered the herd and date they left and a serving record will be created for each cow in that group.
  • Calvings and Birth Notifications can be printed for the Breed Society or sent electronically to Stud Book.
  • Pregnancy tests. Bull conception stats can be extracted.
  • Animal Movements within Herds
  • Medications / inoculations done on any animal. Action reminders can be set up to remind the user of any inoculation or action that needs to be done on an animal at regular intervals or at a certain age.
  • Records of the animals sold live at stock sales; as well as, the records of the buyers. The user can also select the animals he wishes to sell and then generate his own ‘Sales Catalogue’ with all the details a buyer would require, ie. Genetics, growth performance, number of calvings and pregnancy status. This is particularly useful for on farm sales.
  • Records of the animals slaughtered e.g.: grade-outs, days to market and sire statistics.
  • Feed consumption. If feed is being mixed by the user, he can keep records of stock of all raw materials, recipes of mixed feed and then record mixes made which automatically adjusts stock levels of ingredients as well as complete feed. Feed conversions, as well as cost per kilogram gained are calculated.
  • Weight recordings. Average daily gains are calculated for the current weight recordings as well as average daily averages for the animals’ lifetime. Deviations from targets can be highlighted.

Facilities available:

  • Feedlot profit projections for 30/60/90/110 days giving you the optimum time to cull an animal for best profit margins.
  • Inbreeding Calculations - where you can select up to 5 bulls to use on a group of cows and see the resultant inbreeding effect.
The Plan-A-Head Beef Management System can make use of the default set up codes for breeds/actions/meds,etc or substitute their own codes and descriptions. New codes and descriptions can also be added.
The Plan-A-Head Beef Management System user can print reports either to a printer or to a PDF file for later retrieval and/or e-mailing of reports.
NEW reports can be built using the Report Manager which is a Report Writer facility.
The Plan-A-Head Beef Management System updates itself periodically via the internet, and if internet access is a problem (slow, unavailable, etc), an update CD can be obtained from Plan-A-Head.
The Plan-A-Head Beef Management System runs on nearly any 32 bit and all 64 bit Microsoft Windows Operating Systems (Win98, Win Nt4, Win2000, Win XP, Vista)
Enterprise - Unlimited number of animals, including 1st year Service Level Agreement.
Light - Limit of 300 animals, including 1st year Service Level Agreement.

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