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Version PRO 360 - Field Manager



Field Manager PRO 360 revolutionizes how you manage farm data.  Get the crop and field management you expect from Field Manager PRO, plus map and compare operations, all tied into your Geographic Information System (GIS). You can also pair Field Manager PRO 360 with FM PRO Mobile  and manage your farm – wherever you are.


  • view the most current satellite imagery available of your operation
  • draw and edit field boundaries
  • import field data from equipment manufacturers to accurately map operations and observations
  • optimize your input use with soil nutrient maps (pH, nitrogen, etc.)
  • analyze precise yield data with each field to find your best performers
  • simplify your Nutrient Management Plans with a format that’s easy to export
  • view your farm at a glance – sort fields by characteristics like crop and pesticide application

Field Manager PRO 360 revolutionizes how you manage farm data. Map and compare your operations, all tied into your Geographic Information System (GIS). Combine with the FM PRO Mobile app and manage your farm– wherever you are.

Plan your farm from the top down

View and edit layers of current and historical data on your land. Import field images to accurately map boundary, acreage, application, density and variability data.

Layered maps

Every operation you perform is another layer that you can see for every crop and every field: planting, fertilizer, pest control, irrigation and harvest.

Analyze crop plans and run projections

Make more money by planting your crops based on the most profitable scenario. Field Manager PRO 360 allows you to enter fixed and variable costs to estimate projected yield and commodity prices. Create multiple farm plans to compare scenarios and see how different strategies could affect your business.

Add operation and observations

Multitask your entries. Enter seven types of operations: Planting, Fertilizing, Manure, Pest Control, Irrigation, Tillage and Other. All entries can be entered from the same window and you can input multiple operations at the same time.

Create reports

Field Manager PRO 360 will generate numerous record-keeping and analysis reports providing you a clear picture of your field production history. You can customize reports to have as much or as little detail as you need.

Manage crop rotation

Instantly know your profit by field and by farm. Monitor yields by field to measure and improve crop performance and manage herbicide use to prevent weed resistance and crop injury. This will be a big help when you need to generate crop insurance reports.

Trace IP (Identity Preserved) crops

In global markets where traceability and food safety issues are becoming increasingly important, IP can add value to Canadian agricultural products sold domestically and around the world.


Keep accurate inventory of the individual crop amounts you have on hand. When you harvest, sell or adjust a crop, your inventory is adjusted – keeping an accurate running total of inventory transactions from your very first entry.

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