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Experience tells you that some acres make more money than others. Now more than ever, it’s economics before agronomics to stay in the game. Profit Zone Manager allows you to put dollars and cents on every management decision, giving you the power to analyze your fields’ financial performance at high resolution. Discover the best way to allocate your valuable working capital in order to maximize the return on investment for your hard work.

INNOVATIVE MAP REPORTINGView your data like never before

Take a fresh look at field performance with Profit Zone Manager’s maps and reports. See profit, return on investment, breakeven commodity price, breakeven expense reduction, breakeven yield increase, and production efficiency for each year of field data. Instantly identify which areas of your field are performing well and which areas are costing you money. 

FINANCIAL OUTCOMES COMPARISONGet answers to key questions

Profit Zone Manager’s scenario-based analysis allows you to create management scenarios using your harvest data, as-applied data, and crop budget. Quickly compare new outcomes and get answers to key questions: Do my precision practices pay? Which hybrid has a better return on investment? Can I afford that new piece of ground? 


Profit Zone Manager generates a multiyear outcome by averaging all available years of a field’s data. Put dollars and cents to your gut feeling by identifying consistent trends in performance from one crop year to the next. 


Use satellite imagery to view your yields from the past 4 years. You can also use this technology during the growing season to estimate yields at a 30-meter resolution. 

RAPID DATA PROCESSINGCloud-based Harvest and As-Applied Data translation

Our scalable cloud-based Harvest and As-Applied data translation is an industry first, enabling fast data processing. Your data will translate in minutes, regardless of your computer’s power or the amount of traffic on our app. Our system supports all major manufacturers’ harvest, as-applied, and as-planted data, in addition to shapefiles. If you’re still strapped for time, simply send your data to us and we’ll handle the processing. 

Take Profit Zone Manager for a spin.

Whether you’re considering applying fungicide or installing buffer strips, Profit Zone Manager can help you make the right decisions for each field. Analyze a field’s economic performance and then test the profitability of potential management scenarios. With Profit Zone Manager, you can evaluate decisions in the virtual world before you take on real world risk.

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