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Forests are a great and valuable asset, and they need to be protected and preserved. However, forest proprietors, from federal forestry administrations to private forests, also know that a forest is a very costly asset. The necessity to optimize organizational structures is growing in the forestry industry.

In forestry proforst, the forestry software of GISCON Systems GmbH, is a market-leading application for forestry operations, which controls the implementation of all operational procedures involved in production. proforst is being used at over 1.400 places of work covering an area of more than 1 million hectares. proforst is a modular information system for the entire range of forestry work. From the planning via the execution to the evaluation stages proforst supports users at all levels in a reliable and practical way, as the software is developed jointly by forestry graduates and computer scientists in our company. This is the only way of achieving a standardized solution for all forestry proprietors. The forestry industry can therefore be organized more efficiently and forest rangers have more time for essential tasks – time to manage the forest and time to protect it. proforst is available either as a single or multiple user system (client/server architecture). In addition, the software may be accessed by the terminal server technology via the internet.

Transparency for forestry operations

Proforst is our forestry information system with client accounts containing cartograhic components for forestry districts, forest authorities and the central offices of a forestry operation. proforst is particularly user-friendly since it:

  • allows central data collection and storage
  • mirrors the experience and knowledge of the user
  • links together different hierarchic levels and user profiles in one single forestry operation
  • can be deployed flexibly (at the tree trunk as well as at the workplace)
  • allows comprehensive visualization
  • displays the range of tasks arising in the districts, forest authorities and central offices
  • contains the InfoManager (a retrieval and reporting system)

Proforst supports you in dealing with all operations in the production process by carrying out day-to-day operational tasks efficiently and providing strategic operational control. proforst includes all the integration possibilities of Windows. In addition to its core functionality, proforst offers direct, simul-taneous and integrated access to word pro-cessing, spreadsheets, graphics and all the other Windows applications. Divided into modules for the individual specialist applications required, proforst can be adapted to the needs of each forest operation. Even smaller operations will be able to use our tailored and therefore affordable solutions.


Our portfolio of services provides in-depth expert knowledge for your business and your organization as a whole:

  • Consultancy

Our primary focus is always the customer and his or her individual forestry requirements. The assistance we offer to our customers spans electronic data processing solutions, procedural concepts from a specialist and commercial point of view, and commercial organizational consultancy.

  • Training

Efficiency, and therefore the commercial success of an information system, both depend almost exclusively on the acceptance, motivation and skills base of the employees. In addition to the training courses dealing with the forestry information system proforst, we also offer specialist training courses on Office products such as Word and Excel. According to the employee´s field of application, an introduction to or training with the system is useful as long as the extent of existing experience with standard tools, such as the Office family, is taken into account. All training courses are carried out by GISCON SYSTEMS staff with an education in forestry (forestry graduates or forestry engineers). The sessions usually take place at customer sites, but they can also be offered at other locations. The training offered always comprises instruction in procedures as well as training geared to individual target groups (operations managers, district managers, clerical staff, secretarial staff).

  • Service and maintenance

Apart from the licensing (delivery) of the applications software proforst, we also offer continuous software maintenance. The maintenance comprises ongoing improvement of the organizational structure, program flow and continual updating including documentation. Upon request, we offer support services with the implementation and care of the forestry information service. As a rule, this software services comprises:

  • implementational and procedural support including a telephone support service
  • on-site services and a hotline
  • assistance in dealing with procedural queries and the relevant parameterization of proforst carrying out user-specific upgrades on proforst (e. g. the development of customer-specific statistics and reports)

Further information about proforst is provided here for download.
Do you have any questions concerning proforst? Please contact our office in Dortmund.

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